No-Knead Bread Sandwich Hack

Woohoo! I made bread. (I promise that this is still a book-relevant post.)

I’d read about the No-Knead Bread fad a while back but wasn’t quite sure how that would work without a dutch oven. And yesterday I came across The Kitchn’s Sandwich Loaf Hack of the No-Knead Bread. And I thought, I’ve been wanting to bake bread for the past six months now (that’s how long the packets of yeast – unopened that is – have been sitting around in the kitchen cabinets), I really oughta just bake some bread already. So I did.

The dough requires 12-18 hours to rise, and then another 2 hours after a wee bit of moving it around (not really kneading but more like folding it in on itself) but you know what, it’s winter, the apartment’s not exactly a warm place (I wear sweaters instead of heating the apartment the whole day just for one person), and it didn’t quite rise the way it was supposed to. So I had to turn on the oven for a while, and then turn it off and let the dough rise a little more in the cooling oven. Still, it turned out pretty nicely!

Here’s the book part: I wasn’t quite sure how to store homemade bread properly. I know that the fridge makes bread go stale quicker and I heard that plastic bags aren’t too good for crusty breads (and this one is a bit crusty). My well-traveled copy of Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen provided some help. Mr McGee’s advice: “If you need to keep bread for several days or more, then wrap it well in plastic or foil and freeze it. Refrigerate bread (well wrapped) only if you’re going to toast or otherwise reheat it.”

I’m leaving this book on my kitchen counter so that I can flip through it when I’m having breakfast and bore the husband with facts he never really wanted to know about food.

Recipe links:
No-Knead Bread (New York Times)
No Knead Bread Hack (The Kitchn)


    1. I’m going to give it another go ahead – and stick it in a warm oven earlier in the process. Hopefully it’ll rise better!


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