Playing catch-up

Long overdue mini reviews on books I’ve read previously.

The House of Discarded Dreams – Ekaterina Sedia

Gorgeous title, weird book. Vimbai moves into a house on the dunes where her roommate has a whole world tucked up in that crazy hair of his, and in the house floats a disembodied baby and Vimbai’s grandmother’s ghost wanders around the kitchen. And one day, the house begins to float, lost at sea. But there are horseshoe crabs! Helpful ones at that. The House of Discarded Dreams is not for everyone. It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I felt compelled to finish it. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.
Molly Fox’s Birthday – Deirdre Madden

I loved that this story takes place over one day, as the nameless narrator, actress Molly Fox’s friend, spends time at Molly’s home in Dublin. It’s a reflection of their friendship, and of the narrator’s relationships with people such as Molly’s brother and her college friend, Andrew. The lack of chapters makes this a little bit odd to read, but it is such a lovely book, with a rather engaging voice, and deserves a far better review than this tiny one. I would love to read more of Madden’s works.

Runaways Vol. 1: Pride and Joy – Brian K Vaughan

Hmmm, didn’t enjoy this one at all. Guess I’m not really the right demographic for this teen graphic novel. It sounded fun enough – six kids find out that their parents are super villains and band together to run away from their families. Won’t bother with any of the other volumes after this one. This is the second Vaughan series I’ve given up on (the first was Ex Machina). But I did love Y: The Last Man!

The New York Four – Brian Wood

Ah I’ve just discovered that there is a sequel to New York Four, which revolves around Riley, an awkward NYU freshman who overcomes her shyness and makes friends with three other classmates and reconnects with her older sister. It was a decent enough story, with great illustrations of NYC, but I didn’t really feel a connection with Riley or her friends, and was ultimately disappointed with the story. I am curious as to how the sequel, New York Five, goes though.


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