Reading for a change

I give up.

Today, after being spat up on several times, shat on (just that once – a first for me though, with the poop splurting out the side of the diaper. It was that massive a poop), having to clean my thighs, the chair, the floor, the changing table (not all of it was poop though, just my legs… luckily enough), and pacifiying a cranky little fella, I decided that enough was enough. I didn’t want to do any more reading for work (I’m still putting in hours for my former boss in Singapore), as academic research, while occasionally interesting, is never fun, and is usually quite intense, especially when I have to squeeze in as much reading (and comprehending) during his quiet times/naps (and he never naps more than 20-30 minutes at a go). I managed about two sessions of that today. Some reading, some writing, some comprehension, some confusion.

So I give up.

For today that is.

So I am off to go read, for a change. I am longing, desiring, wanting to finish reading Richard Flanagan’s Wanting, because it is beautiful, it is charming and funny in a quiet sort of way, it is full of passages that I’ve copied down, that I’ve reread, wanting to savour, wanting it to linger, the way a good wine does. It is a Wednesday afternoon and not exactly the right time for a glass of wine (especially my first glass of wine since… July 2010?), but I hope to sip some this weekend (no, no occasion whatsoever, just a longing I guess*).

Hopefully I will get to write about Wanting, because I think you ought to read this. It’s made me wonder why I’ve only now read anything by Flanagan. Since I don’t have any wine to sip right now, I think I will pair it with some dark dark chocolate… from Trader Joe’s**!

* Longing, wanting - this post is full of that isn't it?
** Yeah I never expected that Trader Joe's would have such 
good chocolate...
it's their Pound Plus bar - 72%, if you're interested.


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