Butter factory



Saturday was about the buttery things to be baked for our guests for tea.

Butter cake. recipe here – although mine is adapted slightly.
Vanilla and oat shortbread. This recipe is from the Rachel Allen cookbook, which my mum gave to me, but I’ve also found the recipe here. I would reduce the sugar and add in some salt if I were you. The oats give it a nice texture!

But not everything was for the sweet tooth! There were vegetable samosas. Erm from the Costco freezer section but still very good (and all I had to do was bake them) and that coriander dip that comes with it! Mmmmm….

I did manage to read a little. Some pages of Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier. You know, I always thought it was a war novel. Guess I was taking the title too literally. Apparently Ford had originally titled it ‘The Saddest Story’, which is how it opens:

“This is the saddest story I have ever heard.”

I’m only about 10% through, according to the Kindle app. But am quite enjoying myself so far. Perhaps it’s because it’s a nice change from what else I’ve been reading. Of violence, of dystopia, of Noise, and oh such manipulation! I’ll tell you more when I get to actually writing a review. I’m done with book two, The Ask and the Answer but am hesitating to reach out and open book three, Monsters of Me . Do I not want it to end? Or am I afraid that it won’t live up to the first book?

Ness (his editor?) sure knows how to pick a title. I think I’ve been wanting to read these books because of said titles. I mean, The Knife of Never Letting Go? I didn’t even need to know what it was about to put it on my TBR list. But yeah that is me – I like to not really know the premise of a book. I’ll never be one of those readers who turn to the last page to find out what happens. I like to be surprised. I like to have my expectations blown sky high.

What about you? How much of a book’s plot do you like to know beforehand? Which books have surprised you recently?


  1. I had the same misconception about The Good Soldier for years! And those shortbreads look absolutely delicious.

    As far as spoilers go, it really depends on the book for me. If it’s something completely plot-driven, then I hate knowing what happens. But if it’s more character and style focused, then I really couldn’t care less since plot has so little to do with my enjoyment of the novel!


  2. I want to know only the most basic details about a book’s plot before I decided to read it. Sadly I can’t remember the last time a book surprised me.

    Your butter cake looks so yummy!


  3. The last book which surprised me was Dany Laferriere’s The Return (which I read in a translation into English from French by David Homel); I wasn’t expecting to find much in it with which I could easily connect, but I ended up with so many sticky notes in the first thirty pages that I had to get up and find another packet of them. I expected it to feel like I was learning the whole time (I’ve never lived in Quebec or in Haiti, never been anywhere near Haiti), which isn’t necessarily all-bad of course, but ended up finding a lot of universal truths in there that really hit home. (As for the Patrick Ness, I’m really looking forward to being surprised by those! It would be nice if they came with baked goods too.)


    1. Wow. In just the first 30 pages? That must have made some impact!
      I’ve never heard of the book nor its author, but I’m rather curious now…unfortunately my library doesn’t have anything by him.


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