The Wayfarer Redemption

Ok so I would never have picked up this book if f I had been browsing the shelves. One look at the cover and I’d probably have put it back. Can you blame me? It’s not attractive. The colours are rather dull and washed out. I don’t quite know what those characters are doing.

The thing about The Wayfarer Redemption is that it’s good in a cheesy 80s sort of way. Everyone is remarkably gorgeous, the kind who belong on the catwalk or on the cover of a magazine. Evil is really evil. And good is good. It’s all black and white, with little grey. There’s a prophecy that has the three races of this land Tencendor reunited under the StarMan (yeah, it’s very Ziggy Stardust. Other characters are named StarDrifter and Tree Friend! I mean, Tree Friend, really??). And of course battles and plenty of action against these wraith-like creatures called Skraelings and Skraebolds. There’s also a love affair between the pretties. Essentially it’s pretty much what a decent fantasy book is about. Love and war and the supernatural. It’s quite standard fare. Nothing that pushes the boundaries too much.

Reading The Wayfarer Redemption is like having a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea in the morning. It won’t quite jolt you from the morning sleepies like an espresso will, but it will wake you up gradually enough to get you through the day. And since I do like my English Breakfast Tea, I’m off to request the next book from the library!

One thing that has me a little puzzled though is the titling of this series. The Wayfarer Redemption is also titled as BattleAxe. There is also a trilogy known as The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy but is actually considered books four to six after the Axis Trilogy. Confused? Yeah so am I. 


  1. I have read all 6 book in this series. The Wayfarer Redemption, Enchanter and Starman center around Axis and his plight. As for the last 3, Axis’s grown children take center stage. That’s about all I can say without giving too much away. I do agree with you on the the whole “good is good” and “evil is evil” BUT they grow on you! Once I finished Enchanter, I read the last 4 books in a span of 9 days.

    And if that isn’t enough for you, the author did a spin-off series called Darkglass Mountain that include The Serpent Bride, Twisted Citadel and Infinity Gate. To be totally honest, I want more. Unfortunately, the author Sara Douglass, recently passed away. Bummer 😦


    1. I am 2/3 of the way through Enchanter and am finding myself quite immersed in it, even more so than when I read the Wayfarer Redemption. Perhaps because there’s more progression? I’m not quite sure why. But I am definitely enjoying it! And have the third book on hand as well. I think I might just go ahead and read through the whole series!


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