Wayfarer Redemption

Ok so you know what I had said earlier about The Wayfarer Redemption book  (aka BattleAxe), well scratch that.

Because unlike most second books in trilogies, Enchanter (Wayfarer Redemption series book 2) really hooked me. The first book I was all, oh it’s English Breakfast Tea-ish. But the second book, it’s more like a punchy flat white. And it’s mainly because of Azhure. She is an intriguing one, of unknown origins, of supposed magical, mystical powers yet to be unleashed. Is she the Lover of the Prophecy and not Faraday? Douglass teases the reader with hints and suggestions at greatness to come, and I got pulled in. Page after page I read. Page after page I was part of Tencendor, cheering on Azhure, feeling sorry for Faraday, being irritated at Axis, hating that very one-sidedness of the evil Gorgrael, intrigued by the powerful yet treacherous WolfStar. Ok I still don’t like the covers though.

Book 3, StarMan, provided a decent conclusion. There were great battles, even more secrets unveiled, some rather creepy moments (I can’t really go into details without spoilers). But the ending was perhaps a little more anti-climatic than I was expecting! As I finished it, I wondered if that’s why there are three more books (albeit in a different but related trilogy, but also sometimes marketed as part of this series – I don’t know, I’m confused too).

A big part of this series for me were the two female leads, especially Azhure, although in the end she seemed a little too powerful, a little too magical, a little too much like fate had dropped all the wonders of the universe into her lap. The self-sacrificing Faraday becomes one of Azhure’s greatest friends and it is heartwarming that despite their initial grievances, that they come together and fight for what’s right.

Oh and the songs. The Star Dance (the music the stars make in the heavens), the songs that the Icarii Enchanters sing to bring about their magic, the songs that the trees sing. The Icarii sing to their unborn babies. We know not of these songs that are sung (no lyrics) but it would be a wonderful thing to behold, wouldn’t it? The Star Dance.



  1. I’m pleased you’ve chatted about these because I would have dismissed them (obviously unfairly) based on the cover art; I’ve picked up her books a few times and always placed them back on the shelf so far! But series, series: I must finish a few of you before I start into more of you!


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