A Tuesday round-up

Wee reader sure has a knack for detecting when I’m blogging. It’s 720am and he’s stirring, the baby monitor picking up his kicks and little noises. So I guess this will have to wait till later.

And I’m back! For a few quick mini reviews. Because these are deserving books, which deserve to be blogged about and read. And unfortunately all I can manage right now are these short bits (among other fun things, feeding an unhappy baby oral antibiotics).

Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror is such a delight. It would be the ideal RIP read, but reading it in the chilly wintry nights did just fine. Enchanting and endearing in that creepy sort of way. If you like Tim Burton movies, this book’s for you.

I was definitely in a sort of seasonal/winter-y mood (perhaps because it hardly feels like winter here?) and read the latest Flavia de Luce novel,  I Am Half-Sick of Shadows, which obviously is Christmas-themed. This time, the de Luce manor is being taken over by a film crew and as usual, Flavia comes across a dead body and starts her own investigation. As always, a delight to read. Best with a mug of hot chocolate (I love Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate!).

‘Richard Castle’s’ Heat Wave was a fun read, a little silly since Castle is himself a fictional TV character. But it was odd how I could hear Castle’s (the darling Nathan Fillion) voice in my head as I read this book. Because it is really quite true to the TV series, just that it takes a lot longer to get through. Entertaining enough but I don’t think I will be continuing with this series.


  1. Babies sure do have a knack for interrupting blogging and/or reading. Greyson did, anyway.

    I toootally want to read all of the Flavia de Luce books AND Uncle Montague has been on my radar for a bit as well. Glad you liked these!


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