The January roundup of reviews

So here are the books I read in January that I haven’t talked about.
So Long See You Tomorrow – William Maxwell

Apparently I’ve read this before. It’s on my ‘read’ shelf on Goodreads but I couldn’t quite remember anything about it. But that doesn’t mean it’s a forgettable book. Instead it is gorgeously written, it is heartbreakingly sad, it is just an absolute beauty.

The Thing Around Your Neck – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

It took me quite a while to read this collection of short stories, and I’m not quite sure what to write about it. I know that there’s been plenty of praise for it, but for me, it wasn’t quite a right fit.

The Magicians -Lev Grossman

This was like a combination of Narnia and Harry Potter – on crack. It was a little too angsty at parts, but really quite enjoyable and fun to read. I’m currently reading the sequel.

A Monstrous Regiment of Women – Laurie R King

Ok this really deserves a post of its own. I love love this series! So much fun to read. Mary Russell has really just come into her own person in this book. A must-read!

Sinner (Wayfarer Redemption #4) – Sara Douglass
Pilgrim (Wayfarer Redemption #5) – Sara Douglass
Crusader (Wayfarer Redemption #6) – Sara Douglass

Now these may be labelled books 4 to 6 in the series, but they aren’t really books 4 to 6 if the main characters in the first 3 books are the main characters anymore… Instead, the focus is on the children of Axis and Azhure, especially Drago, the shunned child, the traitor who loses his powers and immortality. It surprised me, and it had such heart, but it wasn’t as good as the first three books.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea – Jules Verne

I took forever to read this! And erm, I didn’t enjoy it!

Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword – Barry Deutsch

So cute! Power to the knitters!

The Walking Dead vol 2 – Robert Kirkman et al

I loved returning to this series. Great storytelling. More please!

Serenity: the Shepherd’s Tale – Joss Whedon et al

Shepherd Book was a rather mysterious on the Firefly series, so it was pretty fun to learn about his history. I wasn’t quite fond of the illustration style though…


  1. I absolutely hate the shiver that I get when I realize that I have just read a book that I was convinced that I was reading for the first time, only to discover that I’ve read it before. Makes you wonder “why read”, for just an instant, and of course that’s the most-awful-est question: heh.

    I’m not sure I’d’ve enjoyed the Verne novel that I read, either, (Around the World…) if I hadn’t had a very cool uber-illustrated edition of it from the library, like a Dorling Kindersley book with a story inside, but it must have felt like a relief to turn its final pages anyhow?


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