Wee Reader approves: Round Trip

I’m no children’s book blogger but as a decent number of children’s books take roost in my house every week with our visit to the library, I hope to blog a bit on Mondays about the best book of that week’s wee reader library loot.


Ann Jonas’ Round Trip is a work of art. Rather sophisticated for a picture book, this was filed under the rather odd, single “toddler” shelf. I’m not quite sure why these “toddler” books are separated from the rest of the picture books though!

Anyway it is a gorgeous book.

Black and white. Upside down and right side up. Yup. The book is read the regular way up and when you get to the last page, you flip the book over and the journey continues. Lovely. Just look at the photo I took below. Cityscape by day, cityscape by night.

Some of the illustrations work beautifully and a few look a bit odd turned around but it’s great fun for babies and adults alike. I know I had fun reading and viewing this book with wee reader. And he had fun turning the non-board pages for a change (and somehow for a magazine ripper-upper, managing to not tear a single page).



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