Wee Reader Approves: Dark Emperor and other poems of the night

I’m no children’s book blogger but as a decent number of children’s books take roost in my house every week with our visit to the library, I hope to blog a bit on Mondays about the best book of that week’s wee reader library loot.




Unfortunately, last week’s library loot didn’t contain all that much to shout out about. So here’s something I had picked up on a previous visit. And it’s so so good.

Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night by Joyce Sidman (and these gorgeous woodcuts are done by Rick Allen) is just a sight to behold. Wonderful poems (like the Dark Emperor of the title here) and the absolutely wonderful accompanying woodcut prints, which capture the wild shadows and the “dappled dark” just perfectly.


I couldn’t quite figure out which poem to highlight in this post as they’re all wonderful. But I guess this one (with that little aside at the end) might just be one of my favourites – “satellite dish of head”.

I We loved Dark Emperor so much, I just had to go and get a copy of my our own.

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