Angel and Faith

I’ve been having such a fun time following Stella Matutina’s Buffy-thon. And have (of course) been rewatching Buffy right from the beginning again which is itself, a ball. It reminds me of why the first time I tried Buffy and it didn’t quite gel with me. Buffy grows on you, but quite a bit of that first season isn’t as witty or as interesting as the later seasons.

And when I saw Angel and Faith available on Netgalley I was curious. I never managed to complete the Angel TV series, making it as far as Season three and somehow my interest faded. I guess I’m not all that much of an Angel fan.

Anyway the Angel and Faith graphic novel series seems to continue where Buffy Season 8, i.e. the graphic novel series, left off. I’ll try not to give away too much so let’s just say that Season 8 changed the Buffyverse. And in Angel and Faith, they are trying to deal with what happened, especially Angel who had a pretty damn big role in Season 8.

Ok hopefully that  didn’t spoil things for you. As you might guess, it’s kind of hard to talk about Angel and Faith without revealing too much about the back story. So perhaps I should talk about Angel and Faith. They’re not exactly my most favouritest of characters. I’m rather fond of Willow, but not right from the start. And I have a soft spot for Spike. And of course Giles. Faith grows on you, but Angel, well, for me it’s a neutral thing.

Still, Angel and Faith Vol 1 was a lot of fun. The two characters bounce off each other well. Definitely promising, and I’ll keep an eye out for more.