Inspired by a book



Thanks 52 Loaves for helping me heat up my kitchen. All that reading about bread and wheat and steam and crust made me want to get my hands dirty. Luckily it wasn’t too warm a day here in the Bay Area yesterday. I even disregarded my mixer and its dough hook to plunge my two hands into that sticky dough, kneading and kneading, flour all over the counter. The result was satisfying: two loaves of hearth bread (using this King Arthur Flour recipe – short rising time, easy to follow, a great crust and soft interior!) and since the oven was on, my favourite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (I pretend that the oats make it healthy) from one of my most well-thumbed cookbooks, Bill Granger’s bills food (which someone posted here).


  1. You knead the bread dough without a mixer? I salute you for that accomplishment: it takes a lot of strength to release the gluten , and I always end up with sore hands :s The bread looks lovely by the way! Did you use a pizza baking stone to achieve that crust? Hahaha, oats totally make everything healthier, no matter what else you add 😀


    1. I usually use the mixer but decided yesterday that I wanted to do some kneading… not sure why. It was tiring!!
      I don’t have a pizza stone, just placed the bread on a cookie sheet dusted with cornmeal. The recipe said to brush some cold water over the top of the dough, and place a pan of hot water underneath to create the steam, and it seemed to work pretty well! I’m quite pleased with the outcome!


    1. It is quite doable, even with kneading by hand.
      Plus I didn’t exactly follow the baking instructions properly! The recipe says to place in a cold oven but I actually preheated my oven (with the pan of boiling water on the lower rack) and then put in the dough. Worked well enough!


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