Weekend cooking: Chocolate and pumpkins



Hello! I’ve always wanted to put together a Weekend Cooking post but was never quite sure what to write about.

Which is kinda silly I guess as there are plenty of things that would fit into such a post. Like the allergy-free foods that I feed wee reader everyday. Or the pseudo-Singaporean food I attempt to cook every week.

But I’m going to save those for another post.

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite things – baking!

I’d rather bake than cook.

And one of my favourite things to bake with – and eat – is chocolate. Dark rich sinful chocolate.

So a sudden desire for a muffin as well as some unexpected energy from somewhere on a Wednesday morning led to this discovery of a new chocolate muffin recipe from a well-used source, the King Arthur Flour website (I’ve used several of their bread recipes with pretty good results).

The recipe was simple enough and the muffins emerged from the oven gorgeous and absolutely delicious. Best served warm so that the chocolate chips are melty and gooey. Such a keeper of a recipe.

And because the oven was going (and it wasn’t a nice cool autumn day – once again the Bay Area was making another late attempt at summer) I wanted to make something else. With only one egg left, plenty of recipes were out of reach. So it was decided – biscuits! That is, American biscuits. I grew up in a former British colony so biscuits to me will always mean a cookie, something like a chocolate digestive. But I have a love for the American biscuit. Crumbly and buttery.

With an active 18-month-old at home (who patiently sat in his high chair ‘helping’ me with the muffin recipe but got bored after) I had to scramble and didn’t quite roll out the biscuit dough enough so they rose too dramatically. Monster biscuits! Still they were tasty, split in half, toasted and buttered. And sometimes with strawberry jam on one half.

And as of Thursday I have a pumpkin sitting in my kitchen. Wee reader and I attend our city’s tiny tots parent-child classes and this week was a field trip to a pumpkin patch, where as part of the admission fee we got to take home a pumpkin the size of our child’s head. I’ve never made a pumpkin pie myself although I used to help my mum when she baked them. So I might just give it a try next week!



(Note: not the pumpkin we brought home)

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  1. I love the King Arthur and their recipes. And I love your photos too. No need to worry about what counts as weekend cooking — all kinds of posts count. 🙂 I’m so happy you decided to participate.


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