Postal Reading Challenge

Melwyk has created a rather tempting challenge, the Postal Reading Challenge.


What is the Challenge?

The key is to read and review books with a postal theme. These can be non-fiction on the subject of letter writing, collections of real letters, or epistolary fiction of any era. Be creative! Review each one and link back to the challenge — there will be quarterly roundup posts for you to link reviews and posts to as you create them.

The challenge runs from January 1st, 2013 to December 31st, 2013.  You can sign up ANY TIME throughout the year.

Any books chosen can overlap with any other challenge, and rereads are allowed. Just remember to review them somewhere online in order for them to count toward the challenge. Lists don’t have to be made in advance, though feel free to share your choices and inspire other readers if you wish! 

I’m going to take things easy and go for Postcard Level, where I will read and review 4 books with a postal theme.
1. 84, Charing Cross Road – Helene Hanff
2. The House I Loved – Tatiana de Rosnay
My pool:


I’m tempted to reread the Griffin and Sabine books, which I last read over a decade ago.
Dear exile : the true story of two friends separated (for a year) by an ocean – Hilary Liftin and Kate Montgomery


Heidegger’s glasses : a novel – Thaisa Frank

The house I loved – Tatiana de Rosnay
The Gum Thief – Douglas Coupland

West from home: letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder, San Francisco, 1915 – Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. Oh, those are great choices! I have Heidegger’s Glasses on my possibles list as well, it looks fascinating. I also read Griffin & Sabine years ago, but haven’t read any of your other picks. Glad to have you aboard for the challenge!


    1. Thanks for hosting the challenge! I’ve enjoyed reading postal-related books over the years but never would think to focus on them! I’m looking forward to these reads.


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