Global Women of Color 2013

After coming across the link on Eva’s blog,  I ran down my own TBR list checking out what books might fit this interesting challenge. And the answer, sadly, was not that many. At least not those I added in recent months. And while I read more books by women than men last year, many of these women were of European descent. To be specific, out of the 114 books written by women that I read in 2012, only 23 were by women of colour. So I’m excited to join the Global Women of Color challenge, which Marilyn is hosting.
Global Women of Color
Here’s what the challenge says:

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Structured: Read ten books by Global Women of Color, six of them from six different continents or regions.

Free Form: Read as many or as few books by Global Women of Color as you choose.

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Leave a comment on the SIGNUP PAGE saying you are signing up. If you have decided on books to read, you may include them.

Women of color are descended from indigenous, non-European peoples everywhere.  No test of proportion of “native blood” or genealogy.

I’ll be joining at the ‘Free Form’ level, and hope to read more than ten books.


1. Three Strong Women – Marie NDiaye

2. Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale – Belle Yang

3. The Song of Everlasting Sorrow – Wang Anyi

4. Malinche – Laura Esquivel

5. Red Scarf Girl – Jiang Ji-li

6. Sky Burial: An epic love story of Tibet – Xinran

7. Zeina – Nawal El Saadawi

8. Empress – Shan Sa

9. A spy in the house (The Agency #1) – YS Lee

10. Real World – Natsuo Kirino

11. Revenge – Yoko Ogawa

12. Funny in Farsi – Firoozeh Dumas

13. Late for Tea at the Deer Palace – Tamara Chalabi

14. Maya’s Notebook – Isabel Allende

15. The Red Chamber – Pauline A Chen

16. A Different Sky – Meira Chand

My pool:


The Lies That Build A Marriage: Stories of the Unsung, Unsaid and Uncelebrated in Singapore – Suchen Christine Lim (Singapore)


Bombay Time – Thrity N. Umrigar (India – US)


The Pleasure Seekers – Tishani Doshi (India)


Forgotten Country – Catherine Chung (Korea – US)


Inheritance – Lan Samantha Chang (China – US)


Evening is the whole day – Preeta Samarasan (Malaysia)


The song of everlasting sorrow : a novel of Shanghai – Wang Anyi (China)


Grotesque – Natsuo Kirino (Japan)


Zeina – Nawal El Saadawi (Egypt)


Mornings in Jenin – Susan Abulhawa (Palestine – US)


The sand fish : a novel from Dubai – Maha Gargash (Dubai)


Nervous conditions : a novel – Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe)


So Long a Letter – Mariama Ba (Senegal)


Mr Fox – Helen Oyeyemi (Nigeria – UK)


Three Strong Women – Marie NDiaye (Senegal – France)


Silver Sparrow – Tayari Jones (African-American)


Lima Nights – Marie Arana (Peru – US)
Malinche – Laura Esquivel (Mexico)


  1. What a wonderful lists of books. And thanks for signing up and writing about our Challenge. We are thrilled to have you with us. I have replaced my button by one that shows women of color actually reading. You can get it on the blog and also sign up with your projected list there.


  2. This is a very very impressive list! One that I also envy your library has such a great stock of diverse books around the world! It would be difficult for me to do the same in my borough library. 😦


    1. Yes, I wish I had a library that had such books, too. I have done well finding books by women of color on used books websites like Better World Books, often for only $3 or $4, and on Paperback Books Swaps. Go to Library Thing and ask where it is available, new or used. And occasionally I ask my library to get me something on interlibrary loan.


      1. Interlibrary loans are pretty awesome, aren’t they? I also like that my library has a ‘request a purchase’ form on their website, and you can bet that I’ve used that a few times!


    2. Yes I am indeed lucky! Some of these are ebooks, and a couple of them are actually ebooks from the Singapore library. I love that I have this additional outlet to access!


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