But I really wanted to be an anthropologist



Ok so there is some profanity, some cigarette smoking, some drinking, and some leg-shaving – and stubble.
But I Really Wanted to be an Anthropologist is a fun read about life as a young parent, a work-from-home illustrator, a Parisian.

She’s a little neurotic, a little too obsessed with shoes, loves to rib her football-loving partner, and adores (but often is completely frustrated by) her young daughter.

There were plenty of pages that made me chuckle cos I could see myself doing just that. Like, erm, the second picture.

Margaut Motin (website in French), born in 1978, grew up in Normandy, France and became interested in drawing as a child. She studied at the ENSAAMA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d’Art) Olivier de Serres in Paris, before going on to become a magazine editor.


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