What I’ve been up to

Reading: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (library e-book); The Red Chamber by Pauline A Chen

Watching: The Good Wife and Iron Chef America via Amazon video

Drinking: Longan and red date tea. This being my ‘confinement’ month, I’m supposed to be drinking and eating confinement foods that help regain strength, improve breastmilk supply etc. So this ‘tea’ made from dried longans, red dates and rock sugar is a daily drink for me, as is chicken or fish soup with ginger.

Eating: things I’m probably not really supposed to eat as it’s not exactly confinement foods like sashimi and a divine key lime tart and a cilantro lime sorbetto!

Also: nursing the baby every 2-3 hours, changing plenty of diapers, trying to spend time with Wee Reader, napping or just lying in bed whenever I can





  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I love your reviews, but I like it even more when you share bits of your own traditions. Enjoy new motherhood, despite all its demands. They grow so quickly. glad you are finding time for Wee Reader, too.


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