Read in May 2013

I knew it was coming, the month that I read less than 20 books. Still, 14 in the first month of a baby’s life isn’t too bad!

Fiction (12)
The red chamber – Pauline A Chen

The space between us – Thrity Umrigar

Flight behavior – Barbara Kingsolver (part of book tour – review to come)

Swamplandia! – Karen Russell
Such a fun read! Quirky, eccentric, kooky. But also kinda sweet.

Fear of flying – Erica Jong
Still not sure what to make of this book…didn’t quite enjoy it.

The thorn birds – Colleen McCullough
A grand sweeping epic set in the dusty Outback. Gorgeous!

The prince of tides – Pat Conroy
This had some similarities to Swamplandia!, in a way, although less quirky.

The Paris wife – Paula McLain
A lovely piece of historical fiction. It made me want to rewatch Midnight in Paris.

Graceling – Kristin Cashore
A strong female lead, plenty of fighting!

Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Paterson
A classic children’s book – such a sad story…!

Away – Amy Bloom
An immigrant story that takes the reader from New York to Alaska. The first half didn’t quite work for me, the second is better, but maybe it took too long to get better.

Among others – Jo Walton
Oh! Oh! A book for book lovers, especially those of science fiction and fantasy. Written in the form of a diary, Among Others is such an absorbing read. Oh and there are faery folk present too.

Non-fiction (2)
To the people, food is heaven: Stories of food and life in a changing China – Audra Ang
Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain – Oliver Sacks


  1. You have some great books listed there 🙂 I looooved Swamplandia!


  2. A double Oh! for Jo Walton: I completely agree. Soooo bookish. I loved it. Am intrigued by your comments on both The Thorn Birds (only read the juicy bits when I was a girl, and I suspect there’s not much too them from an adult’s perspective) and Prince of Tides, as I have both on my shelves, neglected, but not want to pick them up. Will be interested to read your thoughts on the Kingsolver novel as I’ve not yet read it either. Great combination of books for your “quiet” reading month!


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