Summer Lovin’ Read-a-thon Day 2: You’re the One That I Want

Pages read yesterday (Day 1 of the readathon):

Physical book pages: 25

E-pages: the Kindle tells me I’m now at 31% of Gone Girl, up from 22% yesterday morning

Today’s read-a-thon topic is… must-have summer reads.

I guess I associate summer with getaways, and since international travel is out for now (my youngest is two months old – way too early for that), armchair travelling will have to suffice. So today I’d like to recommend some books set in different locations which I reckon would make for great summer reads.

Totto Chan: the Little Girl at the Window – Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
This is one of my all-time favourite books. A childhood memoir which tells of the unconventional education Kuroyanagi had at Tomoe Gakuen, a Tokyo elementary school. Such a sweet, inspiring book. I’ve read this countless times and am always tickled by Totto Cuan’s antics and the dedication of the school’s principal and founder.

Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough
I recently read this for the first time in May, and loved it! The dusty hot setting of the Australian Outback, the tale that spans three generations, the tragedies, the love… I think a sweeping epic like this is a great summer read.


The Siri Paiboun series (starting with The Coroner’s Lunch) – Colin Cotterill (my review)

This crime/mystery series, set in Laos, is an unusual read. Its lead is the 72-year-old chief coroner, smart, snarky and very likeable. It is funny and just lots of fun.


Beautiful Ruins – Jess Walter (my review)
This book transports the reader to Italy in 1962, the little fishing village of Porto Vergogna to be exact, where Pasquale Tursi meets an American actress who has been sent to stay in his hotel.


Anything – and everything? – by Guy Gavriel Kay (Under Heaven is a great example)

Fast becoming one of my favourite fantasy writers, Kay always manage to whisk me away into his wonderful worlds, whether loosely based on history (Under Heaven) or completely made up (Tigana).


What are your must-have summer reads?



  1. Intriguing choices! I’ve never read The Thorn Birds, but it was one of my mother’s favorite books, and she was generally a sci-fi reader. *shrug* The rest I’ve surprisingly never heard of, but sound great!


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