Summer Lovin’ Read-a-thon Day 7: We go together

List your accomplishments, big and small:

Ah, so we have reached the end.

It was my first readathon, but it won’t be my last! I had a great time this week, attempting to read a bit, trying to blog more, and unfortunately not managing to visit other blogs as much as I was hoping to! I guess this week wasn’t such a great one for reading as too many things were happening! Fourth of July celebrations and a kids-free excursion (our first since 2011 – planned several months before!) up to Napa on Saturday for a very special lunch (more in another post, perhaps).

So I hesitate to tell you that I finished NONE of the books in that photo I took on the first day!

I did however, finish two books I had already been reading before the readathon started. So that counts…right?

Anyway, thank you to our wonderful hosts and for everyone who dropped by my blog. Happy reading!



  1. The important thing is completing some reading! So no big worries if you didn’t finish the ones you wanted-you read 2 others. 😀


  2. Yay for a trip–hopefully it gave you a bit of recharging? We’re lucky to have my mom close by the house and she’ll take the babe every once in a while but sometimes it’s nice to just get away from it all! If you’re ever able to, you should join the Dewey Readalong in the fall or spring. It’s a blast!


    1. It was great to spend some kids-free time with the husband! I do wish we had family around but we are lucky that they are willing to fly halfway across the world to spend time with us.

      I am hoping to join the next readathon!


  3. The idea of having a read-a-thon which coordinates with statutory holidays can work for and against reading; sometimes there is a gap of time which you can happily fill with reading, but other times there are just too many other fun distractions. Never mind, you’ve had a good time with it, so the books and pages read are kinda beside the point!


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