Weekend Cooking: Sashimi and Sushi

One of my all-time favorite things to eat is sashimi and sushi. But it can be a rather pricey affair at a restaurant where often a simple roll of avocado sushi can cost $4 and a selection of sashimi and sushi will cost a pretty penny.

So once in a while we take a drive down to the big Japanese supermarket Mitsuwa in San Jose. And buy back a variety of sashimi-grade raw fish for dinner. This time we bought salmon, otoro (tuna belly), snapper and yellowtail. Each piece of fish yielded 10 or more slices and, with the exception of the tuna belly, cost less than $10 each. A pretty good deal!

We got some Japanese rice cooking in the rice cooker and when it was done, added in some bottled sushi seasoning (that’s the easy way out, or you can make your own with rice vinegar, sugar and mirin) and leave it to cool a little.

Slice up some cucumbers and avocado, grab some crab sticks, seaweed and Japanese mayonnaise, and you’re ready to start rolling some sushi! We made some cucumber sushi, some avocado sushi (wee reader’s favourite), and some California rolls. The husband even attempted some nigiri style sushi with the raw fish.

Everyone enjoyed their dinner, especially wee reader, who decided to add ‘sashimi’ to his growing vocabulary.





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    1. It’s actually easier than you think! The hard part is the slicing of the sushi… so maybe making handrolls might be a good way to start.


  1. That sounds mouth-wateringly good! You’re right about good sushi being pricey – I often bypass it because I know it’s beyond my going out budget. I should head out to the Asian market in the suburbs here and try it your way!


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