Weekend Cooking: Scallops!



The husband decided that we would have scallops for dinner on Sunday. I had never cooked fresh scallops before but I’m always up for a culinary challenge so off we went to Costco (we needed milk and bread) and into our cart went a package of fresh scallops. Just $28 for nearly 40 scallops!

I know Costco probably isn’t the best place to get scallops but these looked pretty good – I don’t buy much seafood from Costco as they don’t carry the kinds of fish I like but we always buy ribeyes from Costco and they are of good quality.

So anyway thanks to the ole Internet I learnt how easy scallops are to cook! Rinse a little, pat them dry and season with salt and pepper. Get your pan nice and hot, add some olive oil (and some butter if you’re so inclined) and when your oil is nice and hot, place the scallops gently on the pan, making sure they don’t touch (I did about 7-8 at a go) and leave them to brown nicely on one side, which takes maybe about 2 minutes or so. Then flip over and sear the other side for another 1.5 to 2 minutes. And tada, seared scallops. We had it with tomato soup, salad and some baguette.

With nearly forty scallops in the package, there were plenty of scallops remaining for the next day and so it was scallop risotto for dinner. Scallop, pancetta and spinach risotto to be exact. It should have included mushrooms but I brilliantly forgot about them. Still it was pretty yummy!

So the next time anyone in the family has a craving for scallops, I’m not going to the nearby seafood restaurant and splurge on dinner, but to Costco (and probably the supermarket for other stuff)!



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  1. We like scallops too! I’m not a member at Costco.. too dangerous. LOL But I’ve had good luck with the frozen scallops from Trader Joe’s! That risotto looks delicious, too!


  2. I like the salmon and sole from Costco. My friend is going to teach me to make scallops next weekend. I’ve never made them successful.


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