Reading notes August 24 2013

Oh week, where did you go? How is it that the week has turned into the weekend and my blog is still stuck on Monday?

What have I been doing instead of blogging?

A little reading.
Or maybe it’s a lot but it just didn’t feel that way.
For I’ve just finished the 662-page The Name of the Wind by the brilliant Patrick Rothfuss. And I feel pleasantly full. Not the kind of fullness where it’s just too stuffed. But a nice easy happy sense of having read a wonderful book. A book that took me into a world of magic (called sympathy), and more importantly, a school of magic. A book with a great character and a fascinating story. But it is also just part one of this trilogy (part two, The Wise Man’s Fear, is available but not part three which might be out next year, I hear). So it left me wanting more.

It is a little dangerous reading a book like this, a book that keeps me reading and reading. I sleep around ten these days as the baby (4 months old today!) was waking around 5-530 the past week (although today he made it to 615! Hooray!) so after putting both kids to bed at about 830, cleaning up the kitchen and taking a shower, brushing teeth etc that doesn’t leave me with much time for reading at night. So it was with great reluctance each night that I set aside the Kindle and The Name of the Wind and settled down to sleep.

Can’t wait for the next book!

Otherwise I have been dipping into Karen Connelly’s amazing The Lizard Cage. It doesn’t sound like much. Its main characters are a political prisoner stuck in solitary and starving, and a 12yo orphan who doesn’t know life outside the prison (he works there, having no other place to go- his father was a warden). But Connelly brings their stories together so well that I cannot stop thinking about them after I put down the book.

On another note, my non-fiction read is Raising a Reader by Jennie Nash, a short book on how Nash attempted to pass down her love for reading to her two daughters. It’s interesting how her older daughter jumped into reading so easily, even reciting a book perfectly by age 3 years 3 months after listening to it at bedtime. Then her younger one was such a reluctant reader. I wonder how my own boys will do when it’s their time. The elder one is nearly 2.5 and he loves being read to – his must-read is Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site!

Anyway I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!