It’s Tuesday morning and I’m on the couch

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m on the couch.

I have a very lovely, very comfortable couch and I don’t really get to sit on it very often these days, except when nursing the baby downstairs.

But I haven’t left it much today as I managed to get Wee Reader’s cold. It’s very disappointing as I’ve always been the one who doesn’t get sick! Grumble grumble and what not.

Anyway it’s Tuesday morning, I’m on the couch, the baby is napping upstairs and Wee Reader is in preschool until 1230. And so I am trying to do some reading. Joe Hill’s Heart shaped box because it’s sunny and bright outside and I can only read this book when it’s sunny and bright cos I’m chicken like that. Today’s high is 26C or 78F but I’ve got socks and a jacket one and a mug of piping hot green tea next to me.

I keep thinking that instead of writing this post I should be writing some actual reviews but ah I’ll do it another day.

Hope your Tuesday is better than mine!

Ok whining over.

5 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday morning and I’m on the couch

  1. Reviews are good. But it’s also nice to see what people are up to. And sometimes it’s just comforting to write about what you are doing. Hope you get better soon.


    1. Thanks Denise! You are right. This is a book blog, but it is also my own space in the World Wide Web, so a ‘hello this is what’s been happening in my life’ kind of post ought to happen now and then.


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