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Oh there’s too much going on in my feedly that I keep saving posts for later. So I thought I’d share it with everyone instead. You’re welcome!

I am a big fan of Smitten Kitchen – I even bought her cookbook! – and have been using her pizza dough recipe (from the book) after her notes convinced me that I didn’t need a pizza stone to make pizza, and that the pizza sauce could be made pretty simply from a can of tomatoes, some garlic and seasoning! And now she kind of updates her pizza recipe with these handy tips, like draining the liquid from the tomatoes before pureeing them. Yay!

How to spot good gelato from 15 feet away. Fascinating! Now I know to steer away from the tall mounds of gelato!

I recently stumbled across Design of the Picture Book and what a find! I never would have come across such gorgeous picture books (unfortunately my library doesn’t have many of them – still, I’m putting them on a list!) without it, such as this one called What Happens When…

Rice-cooker Nasi Lemak over at Teczcape! Nasi lemak is coconut rice cooked with pandan leaves, fragrant and delicious. And a bit sinful!

Buried in Print writes one of my favourite book blogs, and she has a great TBR-list-adding post on some notable short story collections 

Everything’s all pumpkin-y these days. But I’ve always been a bit more fond of kabocha or Japanese squash (which seems to be found all year round at my local Asian supermarkets) and here’s another way to cook it, Thai Pumpkin Custard!

The Green Carnation Prize 2013 longlist (celebrates LGBT writing)

Life After Life wins the Not The Booker Prize (here’s the very long longlist)

I’ve been a lurker follower of Pickle Me This for a while, and especially love her thoughts on family and kids, like this recent one on motherhood 

I recently made savoury pancakes (with bits of prawn, carrots, mushrooms, kinda like Korean pancakes), and just want to keep making all kinds of savoury not-usually-savoury things like this: Mashed potato, cheddar, chive waffles



  1. Happy to add to your TBR list. I also enjoyed the article on gelato, and enjoyed discovering that our three favourite destinations “pass” on all counts. With flying or matte-but-realistic-fruit-ish colours. And good grief, that longlist is REALLY long. Sheesh.


    1. We recently tried a little mom-and-pop-like gelato place and my mum who was visiting commented that the gelato wasn’t all piled up in big mounds like they do in Singapore. Now I know that’s a good thing! Especially since their blackberry Cabernet gelato was so good! 🙂



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