Weekend Cooking: Season’s Eatings!


Brussel sprouts with bacon and brown butter, beer-glazed ham with pineapple sauce; Hasselback potatoes; Sweet Potato Casserole; Pear Bread Pudding with Salted butter caramel sauce

Hello! How has your holiday season been? Hope you’ve been staying warm (yes, even in hot and humid Singapore, which saw cooler than usual temperatures, to everyone’s relief I imagine) and enjoying good food and good company.

My blog’s been lagging behind I know! Who knew that life with an 8-month-old and an almost 3-year-old (in march!) could be that hectic (haha). What? No leisurely afternoons spent sipping tea in a quiet kitchen? No mornings spent sleeping in? A clean toy-free family room? No wailing and crying to be heard? All the time in the world to read and write? :p

I jest. Life is an amusement park, a rollercoaster, full of tears and laughter, spilled milk and sticky tables. Unlike spotless Disneyland I clean when I can (as in barely) and put the dust out of my mind when I can’t, battle with a toddler constantly trying to assert his independence, soothe an easygoing baby learning that not everything can be put into his mouth (and in contrast not liking when I try to put puréed stuff in his mouth). I’m typing this at 545 am. On the phone. In bed. On Sunday. That is how we roll.


Well at least my stomach is contented. It has had many days of cuisines from all over. Sashimi and homemade sushi on Sunday. Monday saw us enjoying hotpot with two kinds of stock, three types of mushrooms, four types of veg and just one very amazing shabu-shabu style thinly cut beef from Mitsuwa supermarket. Tuesday being Christmas Eve we had steak, garlic bread, grilled mushrooms, spinach and kale salad, sausages for dinner. And my first attempt at tiramisu (I used the recipe from Pioneer Woman as it had the most coffee and alcohol content, but didn’t add the cream to the mascarpone. It was really sinful and really boozy! Yum.)

Christmas Day was pizza day, where I attempted a kabocha squash (if you remember, I’m quite fond of kabocha) and bacon pizza (verdict: very good, but would consider adding some goat cheese or something for an additional kick) and a more typical salami and mushroom pizza. Pizza dough and sauce recipe via Smitten Kitchen although my oven takes a bit longer than in the recipe.


The husband and I celebrated our fifth anniversary (5! Imagine that!) at a lovely Italian restaurant in Redwood City. Prosciutto, a rose brut, risotto, macchiato. It was nice to have a meal by ourselves for a change. And such a delicious one at that.

On Saturday, a big post-Christmas lunch to thank our friends and neighbours who kindly sent us and picked us from the airport (an hour’s drive each way) and kept an eye on the house while we were away in Singapore for a month. My mother-in-law made a beer-braised ham with pineapple sauce, I put together some sweet potato casserole (another first), Brussels sprouts with bacon and brown butter, Hasselback potatoes,and a pear bread pudding with a salted butter caramel sauce.

Happy new year! May 2014 be full of good reads, good eats and other good things!


Brownie rollout cookies; Chai shortbread (I used the Martha Stewart Earl Grey recipe, didn’t have Earl Grey but had plenty of chai); Tiramisu (minus the heavy cream)




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  1. Mmmm wonderful cooking to get my imagination going. Using chai as a flavouring is a great idea… I am not a great eater, especially not of starchy or fatty food, as I am small and easily filled up, however looking at your pictures I realise that there are things I could be doing that are more delicate, like the beautiful brussels sprouts.

    I also love your description of family life – rings very true.


    1. Oh we love Brussels sprouts here, although I only started cooking them this year I think. I love that slightly bitter taste they have. Yum.


  2. Ha, ha on life with little ones. Yes, it changes everything . . . for the good. I love your photos and your meals. Definitely checking out some of the recipes (pear bread pudding? Yes, please). Congrats on the anniversary and here’s to a great new year. And so happy you can join us here on Weekend Cooking when you get 5 minutes to yourself 🙂


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