Graphic Novels Month

Vasilly’s post made me want to join in! A little late as it takes a while to request books from the library, but ah well, it was too tempting to ignore (try as I did to ignore it).

So here’s what I’ve requested. Hopefully some will come in before the month is up!


Sloth – Gilbert Hernandez

The eternal smile : three stories – Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kirk Kim

I’m a fan of Gene Luen Yang, having absolutely loved his most recent Boxers and Saints

Any empire – Nate Powell 

Loved Powell’s work in March Book One.

Sunny. 1 – story and art by Taiyo Matsumoto ; translation by Michael Arias
(I had borrowed this last year but never got around to reading it before I had to fly off to Singapore!)


Same difference – Derek Kirk Kim

Have been wanting to read this, after enjoying Good as Lily.

Then I just decided to poke around the online catalogue and see what ‘graphic novels’ pulled up. And just requested whatever sounded interesting.
Hilda and the midnight giant – Luke Pearson


Emiko superstar – written by Mariko Tamaki ; illustrated by Steve Rolston

Woman rebel : the Margaret Sanger story – Peter Bagge

Have you read any of these graphic novels?


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