Currently: baking powder biscuits and Epileptic by David B.

So apparently I made baking powder biscuits with expired baking powder. No wonder they were flat. Tasty but flat. Delicious slathered with butter on one side and strawberry jam on the other.

I usually post these on Monday, but I figure, might as well do it today.

It is 1435 on Sunday. The kids are napping. I’m sitting on the couch with my mum who is watching Downton Abbey. It’s been such a warm day that all jackets have been discarded. We just got back from Whole Foods and lunch at a Mexican place where Wee Reader devoured his beef taco and grilled vegetables.



We have had a couple of exciting days here, with a drive up to San Francisco early on Friday as family friends were in town (the kind of family friends who have known me since I was a baby, so it warrants a special visit up to the city to see them – they were in town for just a few days as he’s an airline pilot and was due to fly off on Friday night itself). We went up with the husband, who dropped us off and went to work for the rest of the morning. My mum and I and the kids wandered around the Embarcadero and the piers, watched the boats and the street cars, checked out the tiny SF Railway Museum where we picked up a copy of Maybelle the Cable Car by Virginia Lee Burton for Wee Reader. Then grabbed a couple of pastries from Acme Bread at the Ferry Building.  Then we hit the newish playground at the Sue Bierman Park (opposite the Ferry Building) for some running around, swings, slides, and pretending to be a pirate.


Finally, it was time for lunch and our reservation at the always wonderful Perbacco with the family friends. Buratta and asparagus, grilled squid with salad, brown butter brussels sprouts to start with. I had a delightful risotto with asparagus and prosciutto (which Wee-er Reader seemed to enjoy too*). Then to finish, a decadent chocolate dessert with two types of gelati. Wee Reader got to try some burnt caramel and sea salt gelato (he’s allergic to nuts so most of the desserts are out of bounds for him). A truly delectable lunch with some very fine company.



The family friends had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the flight home so the five of us went for a cable car ride. Wee Reader had been talking about cable cars for several days, and he kept his eyes peeled for the cable cars everywhere (despite the fact that we weren’t walking near the lines). And so he was just so thrilled from head to toe when he got to climb on board! We rode the California Street line and climbed some rather steep hills. He had such an absolute blast. It was so worth that fare ($6 one way per adult!) to see that gigantic smile on his face!

The kids napped on the ride back and we were all just too exhausted to bother much with dinner, so it was takeout for us and off to bed early!


All that excitement on Friday wasn’t enough for us, so on Saturday we drove up to San Mateo to Curiodyssey, a little kids’ science museum/animal rehabilitation centre at the scenic Coyote Point. Wee Reader had fun with some of the hands-on exhibits and loved watching the otters swim in their tank. Plus it’s near the SF airport so he had fun with plane-watching too. We should’ve brought a picnic lunch as the park was just lovely with a view of the bay. In the end, we drove to downtown San Mateo to eat at Kisaku. I always enjoy their tempura which is light and not too oily. Wee Reader loved his usual order of avocado roll which the sushi chef cut into small pieces and decorated!


Epileptic by David B.
So far he’s talked about WWI and the Algerian War. And his brother’s epilepsy. And I’m only on page 50 (of 361 pages). What’s next?

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl
Yup of Gourmet and those memoirs about her foodie life. This is her first fiction. I’ve just started so I can’t say anything. Anyway, it’s for an upcoming book tour, so you’ll get to hear about it in time, don’t worry! 😛


Ok so after I ate all that food for lunch I still came home and finished up what was left of a piece of chocolate cheesecake we bought yesterday. Greedy? Yup, that’s me.


Rooibos Ruby Red Chai from Trader Joe’s


Corinne May – Fly Away

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*I guess that’s how it rolls with the second kid – we let him try pretty much everything. With Wee Reader, I was a lot more cautious with what he ate!