Library Loot (March 21 2014)

badge-4Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. 


Wee Reader wanted to wander around the library, checking out the various nooks and crannies such as the corner with the kids’ magazines (ok so he was more interested in the new cushiony stools shaped like jigsaw puzzle pieces), the non-fiction shelves and the little room where the story time sessions are held (we’ve been unable to attend story times recently as it’s during nap time!). So as usual it meant that I don’t get a chance to browse. Well, I still managed to pick up two books that were on hold. And an e-book. Yup, just one e-book so far. I’ve still got some loot from last week sitting around!

The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs – Étienne Davodeau

Can’t remember where I heard of this, but I knew I had to read it! A winemaker and a comic artist. What will they come up with?

A graphic novel that explores the nature of one’s vocation, this book offers a look at the daily devotion to craft in two dissimilar professions. Étienne Davodeau is a comic artist—he doesn’t know much about the world of winemaking. Richard Leroy is a winemaker—he’s rarely even read comics. But filled with good will and curiosity, the two men exchange professions, and Étienne goes to work in Richard’s vineyards and cellar, while Richard, in return, leaps into the world of comics. Providing a true-life representation of how both professions work, this insightful book investigates two fascinating fields, exploring each man’s motivations and ultimately revealing that their endeavors and aspirations are not much different.

Peter Reinhart’s artisan breads every day : fast and easy recipes for world-class breads – Peter Reinhart
I’m always appalled by how much salt (and other additives) there are in commercially processed bread. But I’ve not quite managed to bake a good soft sandwich bread yet. I read somewhere that Peter Reinhart writes some of the best bread cookbooks. I’m hoping to at least try one of the recipes.

Master baker and innovator Peter Reinhart’s answer to the artisan-bread-in-no-time revolution, with time-saving techniques for making extraordinary loaves with speed and ease



Darwin’s Radio – Greg Bear


Molecular biologist Kaye Lang’s theory–that ancient diseases encoded in the DNA of humans can return to life–has become a chilling reality. The shocking evidence: a “virus-hunter” has tracked down a flu-like disease that kills expectant mothers and their offspring.


Kids’ loot:


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