It’s Monday and I’m reading Penelope Lively

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Wee Reader is playing with his new toy – a coffee maker! It’s actually a birthday present from last year that I’ve finally let him play with, nearly a whole year later (he’s turning three next week!). There still are a couple more gifts from last year/Christmas in the closet hidden away. It’s not like he gets a lot of gifts, it’s just that I hid some away quite a while ago. And apparently hid them so well I only recently discovered them when cleaning out the closet under the stairs. But I do try to stagger the toys by putting some away for a while, taking them out again and it’s like, hey, wow, we haven’t played with this dump truck in weeks! It’s all new fun again. Or something to that extent.

Well and the time has gotten away with me again. Monday is half over and I’m still writing this!

Yesterday we saw the Husband off at the San Jose airport. He’s off in Singapore to attend his sister’s wedding. We would all have loved to go but it wasn’t a good time: too soon since we were last there (November). Plus with the baby not fitting into the bassinet anymore, meant that we would have had to buy him a seat (no way is he sitting on our laps for 20 hours – well, about 11 + and another 6-7?). Plus it’s the husband’s busy period so he could only stay for a week at most. All this plus kids having to adjust to jet lag and all that means that we’re here and he’s there.


This week I’m reading:


A Stitch in Time – Penelope Lively
Homecoming – Cynthia Voight


The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs – Étienne Davodeau




Homemade beef paste (pasty?). And a ginger biscuit from Marks and Spencer (a souvenir from Singapore. Yup, one of my favourite things to do in Singapore is shop at that very British store. I love their biscuits! Chocolate digestives, Viennese butter biscuits, tea cakes and more. Oh and their strawberry almond cereal. Yum!). The thing with these ginger snaps is that they’re so very hard they require a dip in some hot tea before consuming.

PG Tips (see above)


Dinner tonight will be ramen (the fresh kind found in my Asian supermarket’s refrigerated section) with yam leaves and fishballs.

Looking forward to:

I’m thinking of joining the Once Upon A Time challenge. And I’m looking forward to the best part of reading challenges – making the list!

Last week I finished reading:

Lyra’s Oxford – Phillip Pullman
Woman rebel: the Margaret Sanger story – Peter Bagge
Allegiant – Veronica Roth

Last week I posted:

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Books added to my TBR list this week
Not-Graphic novel month: Nylon Road; A Game For Swallows; Same Difference; Epileptic

What are you reading this week?



    1. I guess it might be hard to find fishballs where you are? I remember shopping at this small Chinese store in Brighton but can’t remember if they had fishballs. They had frozen dumplings though!



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