It’s Monday and we’re having cake and presents!


itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Happy Birthday Wee Reader! My little big boy is three. I can hardly believe it. I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, but he’s been talking up his birthday for ages. And he’s already gotten one present ahead of time – a scooter from his grandparents (a very excellent Mini Micro in case you’re in the market). He’s been happily figuring out how to push himself around in the house, and pretty soon we’ll be taking him to the playground to scooter around (it’s been raining). He’s also the proud owner of a Bell helmet with race cars on them. He’s so very excited. His other set of grandparents have gotten him a bike but shhh don’t tell. And we got him several things, a fire truck jigsaw puzzle, a couple of picture books, a new set of pyjamas, a Lego Junior set (he’s been playing with Lego Duplo thus far)! They all have something to do with vehicles! And I’m making an airplane cake!

Happy Birthday to my boy, who seems quiet and serious when he’s with others but is noisy and rowdy at home, who loves to be read to at naptime and bedtime and really, any time. Who is best at making his baby brother laugh and laugh. Who likes to be tickled. Whose favourite store, he always declares, is Target because “Target HAS TOYS!”. Who charges up and around the playground and down the slides and again and again and again. Whose favourite show is now Daniel Tiger (the show made him decide to like oatmeal again), but he really really wants to watch the Cars movie. Who likes to declare that he will “do things all by myself”, like washing his hands and putting on his jacket. Who often talks about what he will have for breakfast the next day as we get ready for bed. Who loves to help Mummy bake, especially when he gets to put on his very own little apron (made by Grandma) and use the Wee Reader-sized rolling pin from Daiso. To a little boy who is changing and growing and surprising us all every day with the things he says and does, who frustrates us and amazes us, who allows me to view the world from a different perspective everyday, all my love on his third birthday.





Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine

For Once Upon a Time VIII


The Initiates: a comic artist and a wine artisan exchange jobs – Etienne Davodeau

It was both odd and intriguing a premise, but I’m really enjoying this graphic novel.



A slice of apple pie from the Niles Pie Company


A hot Milo made with some condensed milk. Yeah milky chocolatey sweet goodness.


Nothing today! Woohoo! We’re having leftovers! I made lasagna yesterday and we have plenty to eat today.


The Fall on Netflix. I’m not really a fan of Gillian Anderson but this was such a truly awesome show. It’s not for the fainthearted, focusing on the investigation into a serial killer whose victims are young women, but it is powerful. It is a show that I wanted to binge watch but knew that if I did I could never sleep. The actor playing the serial killer was just absolutely brilliant, and so utterly convincing in his role (devoted family man by day, serial killer by night). I seldom gush about TV shows but I’m going to have to highly recommend this show.

Looking forward to:

Picking the husband up at the airport on Tuesday

Last week:

I read:

A stitch in time – Penelope Lively

Oh I adored this book. I adored it so much I’m actually sitting down to write about this. Erm soon. I promise.




Delicious! – Ruth Reichl

For an upcoming book tour.


Cart and Cwidder – Diana Wynne Jones

For Once Upon a Time VIII, review to come


Homecoming – Cynthia Voigt

I fell in love with the Tillermans, I couldn’t help it. I can’t wait to hear what else they get up to!


What are you reading this week?



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