It’s Monday and I’m starting on Brian K Vaughan’s Saga and still recovering from the weekend!

We’ve had a busy week that culminated in a joint birthday party for the 3-year-old and the almost-one. They’re birthdays are about a month apart and it just seemed easier to do one, although I wondered at first if a first birthday ought to be celebrated on its own. It’s a first birthday after all! But I succumbed to laziness (and the fact that baby didn’t have baby friends) and did a joint one. Both of them had fun which was what mattered. And so did the other kids. The older one was initially in a grumpy mood when other people played with his new toys but he soon joined in the fun (he’s the more reticent type and takes ages to warm up to people) and was super thrilled at playing with his water table again (it was warm enough a day for a backyard party hooray!). He was so very happy when it was cake time especially since he got to help didi (Chinese for ‘little brother’) blow out his single candle. The baby, my ever cheerful, always smiling one, bounced in the chair with a massive grin on his face when it was his turn at the birthday song, tried to grab the knife, and thoroughly enjoyed his first taste of cake (mango mousse!). There was chocolate frosting on the carpet and tons of things to clean up after. My backyard was soapy with dish detergent but lots of giant bubbles were blown, stomachs were all full of sweet things. There were smiles and laughter and all kinds of chit chat. In other words, a good sort of party.


(One of the cakes was home made, the other wasn’t – it’s pretty obvious which is which!)





The Photographer – Emmanuel Guibert, Didier Lefèvre, Fréderic Lemercier

After reading the absolutely wonderful The Initiates, I had to read The Photographer.
Saga Vol 1 – Brian Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Just started on it but thoroughly enjoying it so far.


Winter Rose – Patricia A McKillip



I just had a piece (ok one piece each!) of birthday cake!


An Arnold Palmer. Good for the warm weather we’re having today!


It’s a warm Sunday, our patio furniture is all nice and clean and so is the backyard, so we’re having a barbecue later! Steak, sausages and asparagus.


We just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty over the weekend. The husband watched it on the plane to Singapore and he encouraged me to see it despite my disinterest in Ben Stiller. It was one very pretty film – it sure makes the viewer want to travel to Iceland! Otherwise I’ve been watching Man Men on instant Netflix as they finally have a new season out.

Looking forward to:

More warm weather!

Last week:

I read:
Darwin’s radio – Greg Bear
Intense. Lots of scientific information and terms. Very intense. But also pretty interesting.

Ella Enchanted – Gail Carson Levine
Lots of fun. I think I might have watched the movie version a long time ago.


Hope you have a fantastic reading week ahead!


  1. Oh I absolutely forgot about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty! I need to see about renting that one as I think both my husband and I would enjoy it. I like Ben Stiller in slightly more serious roles–actually that’s true of most comedians.

    The birthday party sounds like a success and the cake does look delicious. Hope you have a great week and enjoy Saga!


  2. Your home made cake is awesome. Ha ha apparently when I was a small child (I sound a real horror) I went through a phase of refusing to answer if I wasn’t given my due respect and called Za Za (big sister) rather than my name.


  3. You sure read a lot of books!. My wife and I saw the Walter Mitty film and enjoyed it – particularly the cinematography


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