It’s Monday and I’m a few pages into Tam Lin

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Monday already?

The weekend was a blast! We took the kids to Happy Hollow, a park/zoo in San Jose. Wee Reader was just above the minimum height for quite a few of the rides so he happily went round and round on the swings, and the Granny Bugs, and sat on his first roller coaster! He of course didn’t want to leave but it was leaning towards naptime and the baby (who had the chance to sit a few rides himself, including the very awesome carousel which featured animals of all kinds like ostrich, giraffe, zebra, tiger, eagle!) was already dozing. On Sunday we went to Los Altos for some German food. We Reader decided he preferred my schnitzel to his potato pancakes and proceeded to devour a good chunk of it. My mum wasn’t impressed by the bratwurst she ordered but the potato salad and sauerkraut got a thumbs up. And they had Black Forest cake! We wandered around Palo Alto a bit, bought the kids books at Books Inc, an independent bookstore with 11 branches in California, and some edible treats. A pretty good weekend for all, with some very lovely weather.






You know, looking at this ghostly green-lit cover, I wasn’t quite expecting to open the book and find a girl settling into her new dorm on the first day of college. So I’m wondering where this is going!

(Plus there’s also the sad fact that I have no idea what the original Tam Lin story is and am relying on Wikipedia.)



Another Once Upon a Time read, one I had forgotten about while trying to finish The Song of the Lark (see below). And so had to renew. Apparently Overdrive e-books can be renewed now. Yay!




A pretty little Napoleon from Douce France located in Palo Alto.


Erm so we just got a Nespresso U, and I’m still marveling at how easy it is to use (didn’t expect to say that). I know it’s not the same as freshly ground beans and all that but I don’t think I would ever know how to use a proper espresso machine. And I live in the suburbs, so independent coffee shops are few and far between. This is a Starbucks and Peets town. Oh and McCafe too. So a Nespresso beats those options! We were in the Palo Alto area today and popped into the Nespresso boutique at Sur La Table (yup didn’t expect to say that either) to get a Nespresso welcome pack. Yeah, so that’s 200 capsules. Gonna last us a while.


There are some leftover sugar snap peas and cauliflower in the fridge. So for dinner, some sort of stirfry with beef. And a whole fish steamed with some ginger, a few slices of tomato, some preserved plum, white pepper, soy sauce. Would go better with cilantro but unfortunately there isn’t any. And of course some Jasmine rice.


Mad Men season 6 is finally on Netflix and I get to catch up with Peggy and her gang again. And be appalled by what Draper does.



Looking forward to:

Well, it’s something I’m not looking forward to… my mum is flying off this Sunday after nearly three months with us! She’s stopping over in Korea for a few days to sightsee before heading back home to Singapore. We will miss her so much!!!

Last week:

I read:

songlarkThe Song of the Lark – Willa Cather

Just such a beautiful book. I don’t know how else to describe it. It took me a while to read this book but it was a wonderful read about a young determined girl from a small Colorado town who discovers that she has a bit of a musical talent and on inheriting some money, moves to Chicago to home her talent. Thea’s intelligence and all-consuming passion for her art is fascinating, as is her relationship with the men in her life. This was one of the reading highlights of the past few months.


Winter Rose – Patricia A McKillip
I’m in the midst of writing a review. Although yeah I’ve still not written reviews of the other Once Upon a Time books I’ve read! But I loved it, from its cover to the wistful story.


Saga Vol 1 and 2 – Brian K Vaughan
Sadness filled my heart when I discovered that my library doesn’t have Volume 3 yet. Sigh.


What are you reading this week?



  1. I haven’t had a stir fry for ages, been experimenting with pastas and minces and heavier dishes. But now it is spring, your idea is tempting me.

    I’ve never done a whole steamed fish before, I ought to give it a go.


    1. Cooler weather calls for heavier, heartier dishes, doesn’t it? And I think with all the lovely spring vegetables around, a stirfry works well! Healthy and quick!


    1. Tam Lin is quite an intriguing book. Although I often wondered if I were missing something by not knowing much (ok anything) about the Classics. Or the Tam Lin story itself.


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