Hankering for mee pok and other links for a hot Wednesday

It’s currently 74F/24C and forecasted to hit a high of 90C/32C today! *ahem, despite four years of living in the US, Farenheit numbers still never quite make sense to me.*

I’m currently very absorbed in a Noel Streatfeild e-book I found in the Singapore Overdrive library! I am thrilled to bits because I adore adore Adore Noel Streatfeild despite my constant difficulty in typing her name (‘e’ before ‘a’?, ‘e’ before ‘i’?) , and it always reminds me of the movie You’ve Got Mail. But it has been so very long since I’ve read her books. My sister and I owned quite a few of her books, Ballet Shoes still being my favourite but I also like Curtain Up and Apple Bough. The one I’m currently reading is Ballet Shoes for Anna, not quite as huggable as the other books but it’s Noel Streatfeild! It has kicked me back into a good reading zone again. I was faltering a little after the Readathon, and it didn’t help that the 1yo had a really bad couple of nights/naptimes, probably due to a runny nose he’s been having. He’s knocked out right now for his morning nap, and slept well last night again so hopefully things are back to normal.

Anyway, here are some links I’ve been saving on Feedly

I love reading Design of the Picture Book. Every post makes me want to go browse the children’s section in a bookstore/library. This gorgeous book featured in her latest post is Collect Raindrops.

Have you heard of #WeNeedDiverseBooks yet (here’s mine)? Book Riot tells us all about it

It’s a post from last week but I wanted to highlight Thomas at My Porch’s idea of a Reading Revolution, where you “spend some time at the library and check out as many overlooked books as our lending limit allowed”.

Added some books to my TBR List:

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, which Claire from Word by Word says “caresses the mind like the sea cradling the body as if it were weightless”.

Vasilly says Mr Loverman by Bernadine Evaristo is one of the best books she’s read this year. Ok I’m sold!

I really like the sound of Shotgun Love Songs, thanks to The Book Catapult’s post

Foodie stuff:

I’m hankering for some fish ball mee pok now... Sigh…

I’m on the book tour for Ruth Reichl’s Delicious! but I just have to point you to Kahakai Kitchen’s recipe of a lovely simple kale salad that goes along with her review. Much as I love kale (we devour homemade kale chips here!), I’ve never actually made a kale salad before, so this sounds great!


  1. Yay! I’m so glad you want to read Mr. Loverman now!

    Reading Noel Streatfeild’s name always makes me want to read her books. Am I too old to?

    Now I’m off to click on your links!!


    1. I think Noel Streatfeild will appeal to the child inside everyone of us. There is an innocence to her books yet these are stories of courage and determination, of children with a passion (usually for the arts) overcoming adversity (in Ballet Shoes they are orphans) to make their dreams come true.



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