Bout of Books Day 4: another book completed (ok so it was a graphic novel)


It wasn’t the best day for reading.

A morning that begins with me downing some Tylenol is never a good day. And it’s worse when the migraine still breaks through. That’s extremely rare though so it was likely a combination of not sleeping very well (baby cried out at 330 and went back to sleep after. But I had to lie there and wait for the sleep waves to take me back into the ocean of dreams) and the heat.

And that lead to the discovery that migraines and e-books don’t mix. Even on the Kindle.

So throughout the day, in between getting kids up, the 3yo ready for preschool, chores and all kinds of other things in between, I read The Silence of Our Friends by Mark Long, Jim Demonakos, Nate Powell. It was a thought-provoking story about 1968 Houston, based on Long’s own childhood experiences of the civil rights protests.

And then I turned to Jacqueline Winspear’s The Care and Management of Lies, a standalone book, by the Maisie Dobbs series author, set just before the First World War. I wasn’t expecting to find so many delicious passages about food! It made me want to get cooking – and eating.

Unfortunately the baby wasn’t going to let me do much reading yesterday. He had a decent nap in the morning (after days of just dozing for 15 minutes) and that seemed to screw up his afternoon nap completely! After too many picking ups and putting downs, and just way too much crying, I gave up and took him out for a walk in the stroller. And he had a 20 minute nap while I attempted to read Bitter in the Mouth on my phone. I think that made the migraine worse. Not the book though, the book is just gorgeous. I keep finding passages to highlight and marvel at.

So despite a not-so-good day, I did ok in terms of reading.

Here’s my total so far:

Books read: Fangirl (the second half)

The Silence of our Friends (graphic novel)

Currently reading:

Behind the Beautiful Forevers (about 70% – was at about 35% on Monday)

Bitter in the Mouth (53 out of 282 pages)

The Care and Management of Lies (about halfway through)

Whee! I managed to finish this post just before 7. And now it’s time to get the kids up and the day going. How has your Bout of Books been going so far?