It’s Monday and Bout of Books Wrap-up!

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.



Good morning! It’s 645 while I’m typing this, up in the bedroom while everyone is still fast asleep. The husband has gone off to work (he takes the Bart into the city, so it’s a bit of a commute) and I haven’t a clue what to do with everyone today. The park perhaps!

So Bout of Books 10 is over! Wow!

My goals for this readathon were:

– to read for at least an hour a day
– instead of picking up the phone to check emails (again) or peek at Facebook or Twitter, do some reading, whether it be an e-book or a real book
– to complete at least two books

And I am glad to say that I manage to fulfill all of them! Huzzah!

The second goal was especially hard. Every time I looked at Instagram or Twitter or email, I told myself, waitaminute, what are you doing??!?! And then switched to the Kindle app on the phone instead. It’s all too easy to get sucked into mindless surfing of strangers’ beautiful pictures and funny tweets. And time is especially precious when there are young kids (aged 3 and 1) in the house! So I gave it my best and after putting up my posts, or tweets or photos, I’d just try to jump back into reading.

And as a result I read these wonderful books:


Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell (fiction – the second half)

Behind the Beautiful Forevers – Katherine Boo (non-fiction – I was about 35% in when BoB started)

The Silence of our Friends (graphic novel)

Morning Glories Volume 5 (graphic novel)

The Care and Management of Lies – Jacqueline Winspear (fiction)


I’m not into counting pages of books or keeping proper track of the amount of time I spent reading. But I definitely read at least an hour each night before sleeping, and squeezed in more reading here and there during the day (like when I get up and have breakfast before the kids are up, plus during the very very precious afternoon naptime!). So I think I can safely say, Woohoo! on all three goals!

I hope you had a great time during Bout of Books too!


It’s Monday and I’m Reading:


Bitter in the Mouth – Monique Truong

Oh how I love this book. Why hadn’t I heard about this sooner?


Crane Wife – Patrick Ness


The Year she Left Us – Kathryn Ma



I just had breakfast – a few slices of buttered baguette and milky black tea.



A fragrant Jasmine Mandarin tea from Lupicia Tea. At least I will later!


I have a pompano/pomfret thawing in the fridge (it’s a type of fish). It will be steamed with ginger, pickled plum, a bit of soya sauce. We picked up lots of  veg from the farmers market yesterday – caixin (or choy sum), bok choy, some lovely asparagus, green beans, and some others I forget now. So there’s plenty to choose from. I might save the asparagus for a risotto another day. So it might be a bok choy and mushroom stirfry with the fish tonight.

I’m also considering making this copycat Hawaiian Roll recipe


I’ve just started Season two of Veronica Mars. I can’t remember what my reaction to all this was the first time I watched the show, but now I’m decidedly not liking Duncan.


Jem – Finally Woken


Last week I read:


The Care and Management of Lies – Jacqueline Winspear

For an upcoming book tour


Morning Glories Volume 5 – Nick Spencer et al

Huh, weirder and weirder. But then I’m already sunk into this, seeing that I’ve read five volumes so far!



What are you reading this week?



  1. You had a fantastic Bout of Books! I know how hard it is to get a lot of reading done when you have little people who always need things! It’s so rude of them when you are trying to read! 🙂

    I’m excited to read what you thought of The Crane Wife and Fangirl.


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