Wednesday things (aka the ‘I was surfing the web instead of reading/writing’ post)


I recently made ribs in the crockpot (slathered with homemade BBQ sauce) and oatmeal raisin coconut cookies.



David Lebovitz has lunch at Google

I’ve been thinking of getting a cast iron pan and this article (and video) from the New York Times  about cooking steak on a stovetop is making me put that thought into motion. You don’t really see cast iron pans in Chinese/Singapore kitchens so I haven’t the faintest idea where to start. I’m guessing Lodge is a good brand? Plus what else do you use a cast iron pan for?


Just in case you thought this post was all about food, here’s one bookish thought. I’m not much of a manga reader (although I love graphic novels) but I really really want to read What did you eat yesterday? by Fumi Yoshinaga (here’s a review from BookDragon).


And then after browsing BookDragon for a bit I find another Japanese manga series, Oishinbo: A la carte: Japanese Cuisine (vol. 1) by Tetsu Kariya, art by Akira Hanasaki, translated by Tetsuichiro Miyaki.

Foodie manga! That thought alone makes me smile.





  1. I’ve been curious about cast-iron as well but the whole seasoning thing really baffles me. And how to clean it! Seems that cast iron cooking is really trendy these days and I keep seeing amazing cookies baked in them. LOL! I’ve considered getting a cast iron dutch oven for camping…but again…the cleaning?!


  2. I always cook steak in a non-stick pan so I have no idea about cast iron but if you do try I’m curious to see how that works out. Probably not the same as in a non-stick.
    The cookies look lovely, I bet they taste even better. I’m a great fan of cookies. 🙂


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