Random thoughts while vacuuming

– why does the husband use the bathtub as a clothes hanger?

– can I just vacuum around these books instead of moving them off the floor?

– ooh that’s where that book went

– must congratulate Yu-Mei on her stories and tell her that Lighthouse was my favourite story in Balik Kampung

– why can’t I just think things and have them typed out and ready for uploading onto the blog when I’m done

– why do I keep blogging anyway?

– what am I going to do about the kids’ lunch?

– must link to that funny discussion about social media by Maureen Johnson, John Scalzi and Bill Barnes

Maureen: “But isn’t it possible—”
Scalzi: “NO NO NONO NO NO NO. Wait until I’m done.”
Maureen: “I thought maybe…”
Scalzi: “Why haven’t you made me a sandwich yet??” He sighed in frustration, but then allowed, “Now you may speak.”
Maureen (whispered): “I love you.”

– must read something by all three soon. I already like them in person. I prob would like their writing.

– what happens if it’s the opposite? Has that ever happened to you? That you like the book but then discovered you don’t like the writer? Like VS Naipaul. I’ve not read any of his books, I’ve heard he’s a good writer (he does show up in many ‘best of’ lists) but he also is extremely arrogant and just an overall unpleasant person, to put it nicely