It’s Monday and I’m #reading Astonish Me

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Currently (ish)…

It’s 144pm on Sunday and it’s naptime for everyone! We’ve had a busy Sunday morning with an early breakfast at our favourite diner (such ironed-straight crisp bacon!), then a quick scooter/walk around the park, a stop at the farmers’ market (peaches and cherries galore! And Wee Reader requested for raspberries. He’s very into trying new fruits. We also picked up some bok choy, broccoli and sweet potatoes). Then it was out to our favourite Japanese place (Wee Reader has been asking for sushi for the past week!) for a Fathers’ Day lunch (the VIP got his favourite chirashi).




astonishmeAstonish Me – Maggie Shipstead

Hmmm perhaps I was expecting this to be more about ballet than it is. Still it is quite enjoyable.

Updated: aha it is back into the ballet world again. Definitely better!



Locke and Key 6 – Joe HIll and Gabriel Rodriguez

Have been waiting to get my hands on this! So very excited!


Eating: Japanese ice-cream wafer sandwich. So good.

Drinking: Green tea

Cooking: Plans for Sunday dinner – leftovers!

Watching: I’m just about to start Season Two of Orange is the New Black after a rewatch of Season One. Hooray!

Listening: Noah and the Whale

Last week

I read:

howilivenowNot for me.

toplaythefoolladderyearsIt’s funny reading these two books side by side. One (King’s Kate Martinelli) is a very strong, determined, career detective, the other (Tyler’s Delia Grinstead) is a woman who got married and had kids early, went from working for her father (a doctor) as his receptionist/office assistant to working for her husband (doctor who takes over the practice) as his receptionist/office assistant. Martinelli’s case is a fascinating one revolving around a holy fool who speaks only in quotations (both biblical and literary) and lives among the homeless of San Francisco, an enigmatic yet charismatic character. Delia Grinstead’s story is a bit King Lear-ish, the youngest of three daughters who gets the supposed fairy-tale life of being picked by the new doctor to be his wife, but then with her father dead, her children grown, she doesn’t quite know what to do with a life that is changing whether she likes it or not. She walks away from it all, to a new town, a new job, a new character she creates for herself. While one is a crime/mystery novel, the other likely to be labeled ‘women’s fiction’, they are stories about choice. Right choices, wrong choices, choices that change everything.

Excellent reads.






4 thoughts on “It’s Monday and I’m #reading Astonish Me

  1. It’s always fascinating when you read books that resonate with each other.

    I’ve got to read something by King one of these days. She has been on my tbr list forever!


  2. Neither of my girls liked How I Live Now. I was surprised, as they have read some quite tough dystopian books and really engaged with them. I have to say I haven’t read it myself, the tough dystopian stuff doesn’t agree with me.


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