Links I’m Loving this Wednesday

After reading this review of Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas on BookDragon, I immediately put in a request for it at the library. Looks like a great story!

Julia Fierro (author of Cutting Teeth) on writing: (via The Millions)

When I tell the story of how I became a writer, I make sure to include the seven years I spent notwriting. Even after all I’ve accomplished, I still feel ashamed of those years spentnot writing.


Mmm, coffee brownies!

This is why I read food blogs. This tomato, peach and avocado bruschetta from Love and Lemons.  Because I would never ever think to put those three things together. Peaches, tomatoes and avocados??! Love it!

It’s not something I’ll ever make, but I was so very fascinated by the making of this Cassata alla Siciliana on David Lebovitz’s blog

These great pictures – and a recipe – of a Blackcurrant and Morello Cherry Drizzle Cake. Those plump berries sitting on top the cake just made me open my fridge, grab some cherries and eat them.

The summery colors in this chickpea salad! So very happy!

And I’m off to try finish reading The Goldfinch.