Things I’m loving this Thursday

One thing I’m not loving: the possibility of getting a sore throat! I’ve been chugging down plenty of green tea and watching what I eat!

But here’s what I am loving today:




This gorgeous pink daikon I picked up at the farmers market. I’ve never seen pink daikon before and just had to grab some. They went in a pot of chicken stock with some ginger and carrots for a lovely comforting bowl of soup, served with spam fried rice last night.

Dinah Washington. I’ve been reading Last Night at the Blue Angel by Rebecca Rotert and Dinah Washington was mentioned and I’ve been listening to her a lot since.

Pretending I’m right there along with Book Snob at Chevening in Kent

Celeste Ng (author of Everything I Never Told You – haven’t read it yet but keep hearing good stuff about it!) on becoming a writer in a family of scientists. 

Dovegreyreader on The Coat Route – Craft, Luxury & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat, by American journalist Meg Lukens Noonan. Sounds interesting!

A Cup of Jo talks about some approaches to sibling rivalry.

I always have to add a link about Singapore food. So here’s one from Food Canon about dry horfun (flat rice noodles) with minced pork

Gorgeous ‘fireworks’  cookies for July 4th at Bake at 350!







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  1. That’s awesome: is it a heritage variety? I hope they have some at our farmers’ markets too (our season is a bit behind so there is hope yet). The tea and careful eating sound like a good plan; have you ever tried taking drops of Oil of Oregano? I have had tremendous luck with it over the years.


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