Read in June 2014

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The year she left us – Kathryn Ma
Sisterland – Curtis Sittenfeld
Ladder of Years – Anne Tyler
To play the fool (Kate Martinelli #2) – Laurie R King
The Goldfinch – Donna Tartt

Cinder – Marisa Meyers
A fun take on the Cinderella tale. I love that she’s a cyborg, a mechanic, and that the story is set in New Beijing. I kind of wished that ther

How I live now – Meg Rosoff
Not a fan of this book.

Happy all the time – Laurie Colwin
Delightful and fun story about two couples.

Locke and Key 6: Alpha and Omega – Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
The saddest thing about this book – it’s the end of the series! A heartbreaking, at times frightening and cruel, but overall incredible series.

Stuck Rubber Baby – Howard Cruse
A challenging read. Cruse discusses, among other things, homophobia, racism, sexism in this graphic novel set in the deep South.

Seraphina – Rachel Hartman
Please read Seraphina! I really want to be able to write more about this book but perhaps these words might be enough to convince you. Dragons! Dragons who live among the humans in human shape, who teach, who are intellectual and rational. Talented musician Seraphina is half-dragon and has to hide her scales and her background. But the time of peace between humans and dragons is about to be torn apart by conspirators and fanatics, and Seraphina is caught between her two worlds. It was an engaging, delightful read, from its strong heroine to its beautifully crafted world. I can’t wait for the next book!

Re-gifters – Mike Carey, Marc Hempel, Sonny Liew
It’s always fantastic when a graphic novel features a female main character, and as an extra plus for me, she’s Asian, specifically Korean-American. She’s feisty and has a black belt in hapkido. A fun read. 


  1. Oh! Book Six! I must! *gasps* (Should I reread? Seems like forever since the first five…..)
    Also, must nudge Seraphina up the stack, evidently.
    AND have added Stuck Rubber Baby to my list.


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