Weekend Cooking: Flourless chocolate cake

Open the fridge. Stare at it. Decide there’s nothing interesting to eat.

Open the pantry. Stare at it. Decide there’s nothing interesting to eat.

Turn on the laptop. Google ‘Flourless chocolate cake’. Browse several recipes. Decide on the always dependable King Arthur Flour’s recipe. Sounds simple enough. All the ingredients are at hand. Let’s go!

This very dedicated chocoholic has oddly never considered making flourless chocolate cake before. But now that I have I’m so going to make it again! It was quick and easy and made for such a delicious chocolate-y luxury.

They suggest using espresso powder to bring out the chocolate even more. I didn’t have espresso powder so gave it a try with some instant coffee powder. I’m not sure if that made a difference but it was a very chocolate-y cake.

The recipe did call for a chocolate glaze made with cream which I didn’t have. So I found a chocolate ganache recipe that used milk and butter. And it was perfect!

Essentially, melt 50g of butter with 120 ml of milk (I used whole milk), and add 200g of chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet). Depending on the sweetness of the chocolate you use, and the level of sweetness you want, you might want to add some sugar.



Whichever ganache you use, or even if you choose not to slather anything on the cake, and serve it with vanilla bean ice-cream instead, this flourless chocolate cake is a beauty. Rich, chocolate-y, absolutely divine.



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  1. This looks awesome! I love flourless cakes. I know exactly what you went through. Friday morning, company coming in 12 hours. I need a dessert. I have an abundance of lemons. Turn to foolproof King Arthur … yummy lemon bundt cake to the rescue.


  2. Often flourless implies less than what it would be with flour but with flourless chocolate it seems to be an improvement in many ways. The other similar thing is coconut macaroons, very nice flour free treat.


    1. I’ve never made coconut macaroons and actually come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had any. I will have to amend that soon!


  3. i’ve made a flourless chocolate cake for my sister before and it was wonderful. Chocolate ganache with cocoa powder, maple syrup and coconut oil is a great non dairy alternative.


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