It’s Monday July 7 2014 and I’m reading …

Good morning! It’s Monday morning and I’m doing my rushed post as usual while the kids are still in bed. Not asleep though! The little one is babbling away and I’m sure the 3yo is up too.



We had a nice long weekend. Spending the morning of July 4 watching our town’s parade! There were motorbikes, classic cars, fire trucks, tractors, mini floats, balloons, bands, gymnasts and politicians!

Wee Reader had a good time watching all the vehicles go by. Wee-er Reader liked the people watching and the snacking.

On Saturday we did an Ikea run to pick up random things like soup ladles, duvet covers, lights, an easel and additions to the train track. It’s amazing how many other things one can pick up at Ikea (the main point of going there was to look at kitchen utensils and replace the dish rack)

On Sunday it was a busy morning of car washing and other errands, as well as a stop at the farmers market for plenty of sweet nectarines, peaches, the last of the cherries as well as some bok choy, carrots and other vegetables. We made sushi for dinner and Wee Reader gobbled all of his up so quick! He’s usually a bit of a slow eater that one….



Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo

Quite enjoying this YA fantasy set in a Russian realm.


The Memory Wall – Anthony Doerr

I fell in love with the title story!


Crackers and cream cheese


Cold Japanese barley tea or mugicha. Very refreshing! It’s going to be a warm day here in the Bay Area.


Sunday nap time was spent cooking up two baked pastas. One with chicken, broccoli and corn and the other with chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Both made with a béchamel sauce and cheese. Wrapped and stuck them in the fridge to be baked later today after topping it with some cheese and maybe some panko (I’ve never done that before, will see how it goes).

Six Feet Under. I’ve never seen it and Netflix has all the seasons!

Looking forward to:

My parents’ arrival on Friday. My Dad hasn’t visited us since Wee-er Reader was born so we’re all excited.

Oh and I just saw Trish’s Cookbook Challenge which is all about cooking from those cookbooks languishing on the shelves! I’m in!


What I read last week:


Last night at the Blue Angel – Rebecca Rotert (for an upcoming book tour)


The Property – Rutu Modan


The Sea Garden – Deborah Lawrenson (look out for my upcoming post!)


Seraphina – Rachel Hartman


What are you reading this week?




  1. I joined Trish’s cookbook challenge, too! My post will be up Saturday for Weekend Cooking. I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to see what you whip up! You have some great books on your plate, too. 😀


  2. What a cover for Memory Wall! I’m not sure if I find it fascinating or creepy! LOL!

    So glad you’ll be joining for the cookbook challenge. Can’t wait to see what you whip up!


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