It’s Monday July 14 2014 and I’m reading …


itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

So it is Sunday morning as I’m typing this. Wee Reader is playing with my Dad, the Wee-er one is upstairs supposedly napping but he’s kicking the crib and complaining about his situation (so it sounds like). We’ll be heading off to the farmers market in a bit!

It has been such a weekend! Starting with Friday when my parents flew in from Singapore on my birthday! It was a present in itself to see them, especially my Dad, who hasn’t visited us since last year (my Mum was here earlier this year). They arrived of course with plenty of goodies for everyone! Edible treats for us like ang ku kueh (red turtle cake – yellow bean paste wrapped in a glutinous rice skin) and my favourite kueh bangkit (a kind of light egg white biscuit). The kids got new toys and books! (Check out my Instagram feed for the food pictures!). It made my day so much better – it hadn’t been a great start to the day, thanks to a ridiculous sore throat…grrr… which still lingers today in the form of a scratchy throat. Erm and yes, despite that I did eat a small piece of cake. And the next day and the next…. I suppose you can guess why I’m still sounding hoarse!




On Saturday I finally got a chance to really celebrate with a delicious lunch at our favourite Japanese restaurant. We ordered the omakase sashimi platter! It was so so good. Seven different types of seafood from scallops to tuna to yellowtail. My parents noted that this would probably cost us over $100 in Singapore! We’ve been customers since Wee Reader was a few months old so the waiter always says hello, remarks on how big he is now, and gives him some candy to take home.






The Memory Wall – Anthony Doerr

I’m taking my time, making my slow – and mesmerized – way through this book of short stories. Because Mr Doerr is a master at drawing up these places, these people, these emotions and plots. A couple trying to conceive a child. A man reading letters from his son stationed at the DMZ. A woman whose memories are slowly being extracted – and ‘bottled’.


Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) – Marissa Meyer

I’m quite interested in where this is going. At first I thought it was completely about Scarlet so I was glad to read about Cinder again. Lots of fun as usual. And Iko is back!


The Red Pony – John Steinbeck

I picked up a copy of this at my library’s book sale and popped it into my bag the other day for the drive to the airport. I only managed a few pages though!



Anarchy and Old Dogs (Dr Siri #4) – Colin Cotterill 

This series is all sorts of fun. It’s set in Laos and features the country’s official – and only – coroner. I love Cotterill’s sarcasm and humour.




Erm, birthday cake again. It is very chocolatey. It is just so ridiculously good.


Hot green tea. In an attempt to combat my cough and the side effects of eating chocolate-y cake when already having a cough.


We are barbecuing later after our farmers’ market visit, where we will hopefully be getting plenty of grill-able vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. As well as plenty of fruits.

Six Feet Under. And I’m alternating that with some Tru Blood.

Looking forward to:

Getting over this cough! And eating MORE BIRTHDAY CAKE.

Also, finally getting to the library some time this week. I have every intention of borrowing all sorts of good books for the kids, especially those which have recently been banned in Singapore. ARGH! I’ve been so saddened and angry by what the National Library Board has done, especially since the announcement that the banned books are to be pulped instead of donated or purchased by the public. Sigh… However, I am also so very proud of what some Singaporeans have done – spoken up, started a read-in (where they brought along their own copies of the banned books). Some Singapore writers have also decided to withdraw their participation from the library’s events.

I’ve signed an open letter and joined a Facebook group. So the other thing for me to do is to go and borrow some banned books.

What I read last week:


Shadow and Bone – Leigh Bardugo


The Birth of Venus – Sarah Dunant

What a read! Atmospheric, well-researched, with such believable characters. I’m looking forward to more from Sarah Dunant.




A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time – Katrina Avila Munichiello

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What are you reading this week?






  1. OMG I have just started Birth of Venus! Totally random – my friend lent it to me. The beginning is stunning. Well, as is all of it. So talented to be able to build up such a world in the imagination. (I’m only two chapters in but it’s clear this is class writing.)

    Great post, I love your writing style. It’s very entertaining. Such a lot happening for you and the family this week.


  2. Happy Birthday! It seems like you are celebrating appropriately with lots of food and cake! 🙂

    I hope you feel all better soon and that you enjoy your books this week.


  3. Hope you’re feeling better now! Sore throats and birthdays do NOT belong together! Oh my gosh–your cake. I’m drooling. For real.
    Memory Wall sounds good–I think I might have to look for that one. Oh, how I hope you enjoy The Red Pony more than I did. I despised that book, which is odd because I rarely hate books. And I’ve absolutely loved the few other Steinbeck’s I’ve read. But yeah, The Red Pony and I just did not get along.
    Enjoy your visit with your parents–hope they don’t have to fly home too soon!


    1. Hmmm that is an interesting reaction to The Red Pony. I’m about 10 pages in, not despising it, but I haven’t picked it up in a few days and I don’t really feed any need to!


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