It’s Monday and I’m reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Hello from my couch! It’s Sunday morning and the kids are playing on the rug in front of me. Cars all over, blocks, a front loader.

We’ll be heading out to the farmers market later to get fruits and vegetables. And then to lunch at a Korean restaurant in Santa Clara as my Dad wants to pop into a golf shop to look at golf shoes (yawn!).


(And here’s what we ate: Kimchi stirfried with pork and served with steamed tofu, Bulgogi, Acorn noodles with lots of fresh vegetables, and not pictured is seafood pancake)


We had a busy Saturday starting with some outlet shopping in Livermore. It’s a thing most of our visitors from Singapore do around here – Singapore is a rather expensive place to live and everything here seems so cheap in comparison! And luckily it was a pleasant enough day to be in the Livermore outlets which are of the indoor-outdoor kind and can be really warm some days. I managed to pick up some long-sleeved tops and pants for Wee Reader at a good price and my mum managed to do a bit of shopping for herself too so we didn’t do too badly. Somehow we made it out of there in less than two hours (!) and off to dim sum at Koi Palace in neighboring Dublin where we ordered all our favourites and some more.



Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng
My Dad used to work for an American company headquartered in upstate New York and he once considered moving us there. When I was a kid I always thought it would’ve been so awesome to live in the US! Reading a book like this about the Asian-American experience – in this case a mixed-marriage – I am glad that we remained in Singapore.


Sous Chef – Michael Gibney
The second person POV is a bit confusing but it’s quite a fascinating read.


The Fever – Megan Abbott
At first I wondered if it was for me but then somewhere I got caught up in the story and the pages just flew by. I love the cover!

Eating: We had doughnuts for breakfast! A rare treat for Wee Reader who was so very excited (oh dear…)

Drinking: I had my usual black tea with milk for breakfast and right now, water.

Cooking: We might be making sushi tonight so it’s more of cooking and seasoning the rice and slicing stuff.


Watching: Surprisingly I don’t think I’ve really watched much this week. An episode of Masterchef on Hulu one day, an episode of What Not To Wear on instant Netflix another day. I’ve been doing a bit more reading this past week.

Listening: Two Door Cinema Club

Looking forward to: Wee Reader’s first swim class

Last week

I read:


Ruby – Cynthia Bond
Review to come


The facts in the case of the departure of Miss Finch – Neil Gaiman
This graphic novel is based on one of Gaiman’s short stories and features a strange circus/theatre show in underground London. And the disappearance of a rather annoying woman who has accompanied Gaiman and his friends to this weird spectacle. Interesting enough.


Anarchy and Old Dogs (Dr Siri #4) – Colin Cotterill
I always enjoy catching up with Dr Siri and his motley crew and this was no exception. Things take a turn for the political this time around but still has its very welcome wit and sarcasm as well as devoted and delightful cast of characters – plus a potential girlfriend for Dr Siri?!


What are you reading this week?



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