Offline for a bit

I’ve been meaning to post some mini reviews of books I’ve read. Plus links to bookish and non-bookish things. And posts about two children’s books that my friends in Singapore have written.

But all that will have to wait a bit. The littler reader has been sick, fever on and off, and now a sore throat. I didn’t know under-twos got sore throats and not sure where it came from as everyone at home is fine (he doesn’t go to daycare). It’s been tricky as he doesn’t want to eat, finds it hard to nap, isn’t interested in playing much and always wants to be held.

So I’m going to be doing that right now and will leave the blogging and blog-reading for another time.

See you all in a bit!


  1. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words! It’s 640am and he’s still asleep upstairs! It’s a rare day when that happens so I’m popping online real quick!


  2. Poor sweet pea! Hope he’s feeling better now and that everyone else in the family is still healthy. It’s so hard to watch the little ones ache.


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