It’s Monday and we’re up and running again!

itsmonday“It’s Monday! What are you reading?” is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what we’ve read the past week and planning to read next.

Ugh. What a week that was. I’m glad it’s over and the little fellow is back to his chatty cheerful self. He had a fever on Monday, then a bad sore throat and a rash over the next few days, and major irritability, resulting in lots of fussiness, refusing to eat or drink much, wanting to be carried everywhere! It left me frazzled and tired and I didn’t get to pay enough attention to his big brother, who thankfully was trying his best to be helpful!

It was tough. It’s never easy being sick but it is especially hard on the little ones who aren’t able to express themselves and say what’s wrong, neither can they just sit back and binge watch TV!

So everyone was so relieved when he began eating more and drinking more and talking more and then finally playing and walking again.

And back to his cheeky little self. I’m typing this as he finishes his cereal. He asked for milk, I got it for him and he shakes his head and said ‘dowan’ (current favourite word) and laughed. Sigh. But I’m just so glad to see him laughing and smiling again!




Carrie – Stephen King

Hmm I think I was expecting this to be more… er, ‘horror’ than it is. So I haven’t gotten to the blood scene yet as they’re just at the prom. I should mention that I’ve never seen the movie(s) because I am chicken-hearted when it comes to horror movies so only have a faint idea of what’s really about to happen.


The Shadowed Sun – NK Jemisin

It took me a while to sink into this book and recall what happened in the first book, The Killing Moon, but I am hooked.


Funfetti cupcake – Wee Reader helped make it but decided that it’s not for him. What??



Gary Clark Jr (see below)




This movie made me drool. The food shots were gorgeous – from that simple grilled cheese sandwich to a more high-end steak. Yum. Do not watch while hungry! It was a fun movie, with a great cast!

Oh and Gary Clark Jr is featured in this movie.

Looking forward to:

Diversiverse has begun! I’ll be putting up some posts later this week!

Last week I read:

Audition – Ryu Murakami
Ugh. I wanted something short and relatively easy to read while Wee-er Reader napped on me sometime last week – it was the only way I could get him to nap that day. And was always curious about this Murakami. But it wasn’t a good read. I’m wondering if I should bother writing about it.


The Heartbreak Diet – Thorina Rose

Another quick read that I downloaded from the Overdrive library and onto my tablet – to read with a sleeping fella on me. This graphic novel tells of the breakup of a marriage and all the doubts and worries and fears that come along with it. Ugh. I realise this is her point of view only but the ex-husband sounds like such an a**!

What are you reading this week?



  1. It’s good to hear that the baby is feeling better. When kids are sick, that can be so scary. I read The Heartbreak Diet a few years ago and remember not liking it too much either. I’m glad this week’s books are better than last week’s.


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