Library Loot (5 October 2014)

badge-4Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Linda from Silly Little Mischief that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library.


Oops! I meant to write this on Friday, when we actually went to the library. And it’s already Sunday! Oh well, better late than never!

We hit the library when it opened at 11 (I really wish they would open earlier, but I guess I’m just glad they open everyday!) and Wee Reader decided to check out the 1130 storytime with Grandma. Wee-er Reader was more interested in the new magnetic puzzles and wandering around. But then everyone got hungry and we headed home for lunch.


The Iron Ring – Lloyd Alexander

I’m curious about this one. I LOVED Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain series when I was growing up but realised that I have not read anything else by him. And it seems that he wrote many books, including a few other series.


 Driven by his sense of “dharma,” or honor, young King Tamar sets off on a perilous journey, with a significance greater than he can imagine, during which he meets talking animals, villainous and noble kings, demons, and the love of his life.

Alexander’s latest epic adventure is rooted in the mythology of ancient India. A losing game of chance with a mysterious stranger seems like a dream to young King Tamar, but the iron ring on his finger is a very real token that his life may be forfeit. A journey to the stranger’s distant kingdom seems his only chance to discover the truth. Many adventures and diversions crop up along the way as Tamar gains some surprising companions, including a brave and beautiful milkmaid, a cowardly eagle, and a wiley monkey king who used to be a man. The author’s flexible style moves smoothly from comedy to tragedy and back again; from battle scenes to ridiculous situations, Alexander never loses the thread. Set within the action are small gems of poetry and folktales. The concept of dharma, or proper conduct, and the rigid caste system deeply affect Tamar’s actions. Plot, characters, and setting all have their parts to play, but it is the tension set up among the lively characters and the cultural conventions binding them that create the structure of the story and lead inevitably to its conclusion. This wise and witty adventure can be enjoyed on many levels


Strangers in Paradise #1 – Terry Moore



Katchoo is a beautiful young woman living a quiet life with everything going for her. She’s smart, independent and very much in love with her best friend, Francine. Then Katchoo meets David, a gentle but persistent young man who is determined to win Katchoo’s heart. The resulting love triangle is a touching comedy of romantic errors until Katchoo’s former employer comes looking for her and $850,000 in missing mob money. As her idyllic life begins to fall apart, Katchoo discovers no one can be trusted and that the past she thought she left behind now threatens to destroy her and everything she loves, including Francine. This is the first edition in the series – don’t miss it!


Kids’ loot:

What did you get from your library this week?


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