It’s Monday and I’m looking forward to some cooler weather!

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Ouch! We had a bit of a heatwave here in the Bay Area last weekend, so I’m looking forward to this week’s slightly cooler weather. Indian summer….!

We spent Saturday in Palo Alto, having lunch, visiting the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, which apparently has the largest collection of Rodin sculptures outside of Paris, such as this one, The Gates of Hell.

IMG_2941.JPGAnd as usual ate all kinds of things! The Husband returned from a Chicago work trip on Thursday night with a box of chocolates from Vosges, which has some tantalising flavours like wasabi and black sesame; paprika; absinthe! Wee Reader wanted doughnuts so we made a Krispy Kreme run and discovered Ghostbuster doughnuts! And something a bit healthier – we had a great sashimi platter at our favourite Japanese restaurant.




I’m typing this on my (new!) phone* while the kids are riding their tricycle and push car around the house. It’s too hot to be outside this Sunday after lunch. We just had lunch at The Habit after a Costco run. It’s just barely October, it’s ridiculously hot. And Costco has Christmas decorations, lights and wrapping paper! And of course plenty of toys on display….!

*then rewrote other parts on the computer during naptime!



Drood – Dan Simmons

Whee! I’ve actually started it! But its size is really getting in the way of serious reading as I feel the need to sit down at a table to read it. Not the most conducive for reading. Makes me feel like I’m studying!


Stealing Buddha’s Dinner – Bich Minh Nguyen
This book makes me hungry. And that makes it an excellent book in my opinion!


China Witness – Xinran
A very sobering book. A collection of interviews.

A fruit tart from Douce France. It’s seriously the best ever. The pastry cream is perfection and so is the pastry itself! And perhaps more importantly, it’s not too sweet (I find a lot of desserts here a bit too sweet for me!)

Drinking: Water

The Walking Dead season 4 is finally on Instant Netflix! And so is the entire Gilmore Girls! I don’t know what to watch!!!! So it’s an episode here and episode there.

Watching GG is kind of comforting. It’s filled with people I know so well, having seen it over and over as I own the DVDs! TWD is rather nail-voting – who’s going to be bitten next? Will there ever be a time when things go well for them?


Erm so my obsession interest in The Walking Dead has spread from the graphic novel to the TV series to the game. The game is loosely based on the book. Similar setting, different characters.

I played Season One last year and, this is going to sound a bit weird but it made me cry! It’s not just your usual point and stab game but you play the character of Lee and help him make decisions which actually affect the game, like choosing who to save. And in Season Two, the main character is a young girl Clementine, whom we first met in Season One. Since she’s rather young, the game takes on a different tone. It’s quite different from Season One and rather intriguing.

I’ve been on a swing/jazz kick lately.

Not looking forward to:

My Mum’s returning to Singapore on Friday! 😦  We are going to miss her so much!

Last week…

I read:
Bloodchild and other stories – Octavia Butler

I hope to write about this soon. It was a five-star read!
Aunty Lee’s Deadly Specials -Ovidia Yu
For an upcoming book tour

I posted:

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Read in September 2014

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Squirky! And Stacey!

What are you reading this week?


  1. It’s plenty cool here in NJ! I’m a bit jealous of your heat wave. 🙂

    Your kiddos look like they are having a blast. Enjoy your books this week. 🙂


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